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  • Receiver comparison...$800 to spend. Denon vs. Onkyo

    Head to head...Onkyo tx-sr875 against Denon AVR-2809CI. Any suggestions? HELP!!!!

  • Problem switching between sources - defaults to do

    Everytime I try and switch from DVD to cable TV or apple TV (all connected via HDMI) the Onkyo always switches to Dock mode...which is really annoying as I dont have an Ipod Dock fitted/connected to the receiver. The dealership said its something to do with the HDMI switching...why should this take 20 secs and numerous presses on the remote to resolve???

  • Help connecting a pc to the 875


    Is it possible to cross video and audio on the 875? I want to connect my PC via HDMI for the video and the sound via an optical cable.

  • please can anyone help I've connected my cd player to my TX-S...

    please can anyone help I've connected my cd player to my TX-SR875 and the volume is off the scale loud and I cant seem to cant seem to change it

    Cd player is Sony CDP-M33 and turntable is HST-D307 also Sony I've connected them to the CD in and Phono in ports as per the ONKYO manual but the sound is so loud I'm afraid it will blow the speakers the sound is tgis loud even with the volume set to 0 please help