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  • Audessy set up error

    I just pick up this well reviewed AVR a couple of days ago. Very excited to set this baby up I got to the audessy eq set up when I tested the first speaker and got an error message: "Noise Error! Push Enter:Retry." The house is silent. There is no other noise. Anyone have any suggestions?

    San Diego

  • circut breaker with error on display

    I have direct HDTV and while I have it set on dobly digtal on my VCR on some channels it drops out and I get a dialog normal on my display then it comes back on, this is anoying, I switch to PCM, my sound quality goes down but the breaking in to the display stops. It's like a circut breaker clicking on and off. Help, is this Onkyo or direct TV VCR problem. Onkyo is new and can still be returned..

  • Onkyo TXSR707 speaker volumes

    We are new to Theater systems so this not sure if this is the right place for help. We could not find muck additional info on the Onkyo site

    We would like to be able to turn up the volume on the front wide and also at times on the rear and surround speakers. We are watching 5.1 movies. We have tried all of the options and do not seem to be able to get any sound from the front wide speakers even in the 7.1 modes. The back speakers have very little sound most of the time and when we do get any sound it is barely noticeable.

    I did an auto setup using the mic and our 10 speakers all came thru fine on the auto setup. But when we listen to radio, movies, HD TV shows, etc. The only way we can get much out of the back is to set the receiver to stereo.

    I was really looking forward to showing my wife the value of this receiver and so far, she is saying .....!!!!

    Needs some help. If I can override or turn up the values for at least the wide front and the rear that would really help.


  • Compared to the TX-SR 607 which is better?