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  • Onkyo tx-sr607B abd picture

    We have sound when switching to dvd and foxtel but no picture. The foxtel is connected via a scart cable and the dvd is part of the PS3 connected via a HDMI cable. The games on the PS3 work fine.

  • Onkyo tx-sr607 sound quality

    how does the sound quality of the onkyo tx-sr607 compare to the onkyo tx-sr706?

  • my tx-sr706 is cracking when i turn it on

    i have it connect to my ps3 after it stays on for a while i turn it off for a while then when i turn it all all my speakers start crackin what can i do to fix it

  • Need a Test microphone!!!

    I purchased my SR706 last week from Circuit City and it was a display model. I thought everything was there and reaalized it does not have a test microphone. Anyone know where I can find one?

  • Onkyo TX-Sr 706 HDMI

    With the Onkyo TX-SE 706 will I need to use Opitcal cables for the audio from my PS3, or do all the HDMI plugs carry the audio. I have a 506 now and need the optical to carry sound for plugs # 1-2 or 3.