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  • Blu ray quality

    Does this mean if I bought this receiver and hooked it up to a blu ray player that i wouldnt be able to appreciate the quality the blu ray has to offer?

  • Ipod Hookup?

    I have the Onkyo TX-SR506 and I was wondering if you can hook up and play your ipod from it?

  • Problems with audio from Onkyo tx-sr 506

    I've just set up my Direct TV HDDVR with a big screen, DVD and my Onkyo TX SR506. We used HDMI cables in three of the four ports, and set the settings correctly. Instead of coming through my five speakers, sound is coming through the tv speakers. Any suggestions?

  • What did I do wrong? My DVR records only snow and static?

    My components: cable digital box, Panasonic DVR Recorder DMR-EZ27, Toshiba TV, and the Onkyo TX-SR56. Can someone tell me what the line-up of hook ups should be? Do I have something out of order? Many thanks. Joanne

  • matching speakers for tx sr 506

    Can i play wharfedale moviestar 70 (4ohms ) speaker system with this receiver?
    Also how to get full surround ? as i sit very close to the rear speakers?

  • How to play karaoke with Onkyo TX-SR506

    What I want to do is to blend two input channels on the amplifier e.g. to plug in my electric guitar and a microphone, or simply to play karaoke (a mic and a track sound). How can I do it ?

  • using no sub

    How can I set this up without a subwoofer?