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  • The product gallery shows this item with a silver face.

    Can anyone confirm this is available with a silver face instead of black?

  • ONKYO TX-NR807

    Has anyone figured out the sony blu-ray hdmi video problem with the TX-NR807 described here in a couple of posts?

  • Onkyo 807

    I just purchase the 807... sounds great but notice a slight buzzing noise in the speakers on the Master audios surround settings.. All other Dts sounds sounds great.. What could it be?

  • Onkyo 807 or 3007?

    I am trying to decide between an Onkyo 807 and the 3007. Price difference is 680.00

    My current main room is small, but that will not always be the case and this purchase will carry me to the grave. A full lit remote is great with the 3007, but for an additional 250 (199 plus 50.00 for the blue tooth adapter for the PS3) the Harmony universal would eliminate ALL remotes. Being technically challenged, I love simplicity which if its electronical it is NOT!

    We go from a 7.1 to a 9.1, more watts, less harmonic distortion, better processing etc (please check the spec differences) Is the 3007 worth the extra 680.00?

    I would appreciate your professional opinion

  • USB ports

    I am waiting delivery on an Onkyo 807 and have since learned it does not have a USB port. Would it be a good idea to have this for the future seeing that receivers are becoming more connected to computers? How is one used on a receiver?