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  • seting high performance Hometheatre system

    Hi there , i will be utterly obliged if got guidance cos i m totally confused about the right selection of hometheatre system.Can spend upto $50000 on complete home theatre system.I m from India n Basically i can not audition everything. i have decided as under:
    RF 83 Klipsch....2Towers
    RC 64 ....1 CENTRE
    THX Ultre II Surrounds ...2 surr.
    RS 63 .................2Rears
    THX Ultra II Subska 120...2 subs
    KA1000THX UltraII Amp.....1No For 2subs
    Pioneer sc LX 83 aMP .....1nO For 7 speakers
    JVC HD Projector
    DaLite 120" screen
    Pioneer Bluray player.

    plz suggest me.Am i right or can i get better perf. with other setup