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Question: Onkyo NR-3007

I have seven speakers connected to this receiver with two subs. My speakers are B & W 683 towers with Klipsch rears and they are 6 to 8 ohms. However my subs are 4 ohms and the receiver manual mentions to set the receiver to 4 ohms if ANY of your speakers are 4 ohms or damage can occur. The other option is 6 to 16 ohms, I think. My question is this: since my subs are 4 ohms should I set the receiver to 4 ohms? I currently have it set to 6 because I'm not considering my subs as speakers. I assumed the manual was only refering to the front/rear, etc. speakers and not the subs. Please advise. Thanks!

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    Yes you are correct. The sub is connected via Line Level Out (RCA Connection). The sub uses its own amplifier matched for the speaker. Truly not part of the speaker package. Enjoy your receiver.

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