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  • How to connect my laptop to play muisc files through my HiFi sys

    I was told by an Onkyo tech I can't do this because I have the newest Windows Media Player (# 12). I see that is says that the Onkyo TX-NR 3007 is compatable with Windows 7.

  • I have a Media PC with a AMD 5670 graphics card

    With HDMI for video and audio out to my current 4 yr old Pioneer elite and I can't get anything but just plain 2 channel stereo. I was told that it was because of my old receiver. Will this Onyko be able to handle other audio formats vai HDMI when I play movies back through the media PC? Thanks

  • Onkyo NR-3007

    I have seven speakers connected to this receiver with two subs. My speakers are B & W 683 towers with Klipsch rears and they are 6 to 8 ohms. However my subs are 4 ohms and the receiver manual mentions to set the receiver to 4 ohms if ANY of your speakers are 4 ohms or damage can occur. The other option is 6 to 16 ohms, I think. My question is this: since my subs are 4 ohms should I set the receiver to 4 ohms? I currently have it set to 6 because I'm not considering my subs as speakers. I assumed the manual was only refering to the front/rear, etc. speakers and not the subs. Please advise. Thanks!