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Question: Gapless playback issue. DON'T RATE THIS so high until fixed.

I'd really like to know how any Onkyo, let alone the TX-NR1010 can get such a high rating when it is unable to do gapless playback. Not having gapless playback makes network streaming sort of worthless. If your source of music is not a CD - good luck, gaps of silence in the middle of a continuous performance is definitely not excellent, it is just not acceptable and it makes the whole USB/Networking/DLNA stuff useless. Cheap media boxes can do this well without a problem! As it is a modern receiver (2012 model) there is no excuse. CDs have not been the primary source of music for quite a long time. And no single CD player designed decades ago have this flaw! Competitors such as Yamaha, Pioneer, Marantz and Denon has this issue fixed in their products! This is a real problem and never seems to get mentioned in "professional reviews".

I guess my question is - Will Onkyo fix this problem on this receiver with a firmware update? If so - when?