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  • AVR-391 turning off in Multi-Channel Stero with loud effects

    I have my Avr-391 hooked up to my Blue Ray and LCD TV and when I'm playing it in multi-channel stero it will turn off when a show or Blue Ray gets loud due to sound effects. Is there something I can do to prevent this? The Sound level for turning off varies from situation to situation.

  • Settings for the AVR-391

    The sound just doesnt sound right when listening in stereo. Have a pair of Infinity Entra Ones hooked up. Have the front set to "large" and the crossover set at 80HZ. Should I lower the crossover or switch the front to "small" or both?

  • Can anyone help me with the connections for DVD no HDMI,CD playe

    I have Denon AVR 391,TV has HDMI,Direct TV has HDMI,DVD has composite/w opt dig,I have this wired to HDTV,CD player thru reciever into the Doc connections is this the best way to go help me please?? thankyou, jgconfin

  • I notice on the Remote is a cd button how do you program the rem


    My unit is displaying: DTS NEO:6CINEMA. Is this the setting I want? I've seen Dolby D + PLII and Dolby Digital EX, but I don't know how to change it. Can anyone help. I've been debating between this unit and the Yamaha RX-v67BL, any suggestions?