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  • denon 3310 switches off ,constantly

    power switches off afer 22 minutes initally, power indicator flashes vigorously. after 5 minutes restart same thing accures.well ventilated, all wiring checked !!! using hdmi 1.4 speakers B&w 303 309s. 5:1

  • Denon & ProCinema

    Would the Denon 3311 and ProCinema 800 speaker system be a good match?

  • Problem when connect to p amp, it not auto off...

    Problem when connect to pre amp... it doesn't off 1 unit when is not in use...

  • how do i access rhapsody

    I own a Denon AVR-3311 and absolutely love it apart from one thing - I cannot access Rhapsody. Rhapsody does not appear in the service provider list. (Napster, Last-FM and Flickr appear but not Rhapsody.) Does anyone know how to add it?
    Many thanks in advance for your help.

  • Does the AVR-3311 have 3 amplified zones?

    Do you still need an outboard amp for zone 3?