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Question: Audio and Video issues with Denon AVR1910

I purchased the Denon AVR1910 this summer and have been having some audio and video issues. I have my HD box(AT&T UVERSE) routed through the receiver via HDMI. I also have the Panasonic Blu-ray player running through via HDMI as well. When I watch HD programming I get constant audio cut outs. Seldom, if ever, on non-HD. When I watch a movie through the BR player I get sparkles when the movie is playing AND when it's not. I have tried bypassing the receiver and run everything through the TV and have no problems so the common demominator is the receiver. I called Denon and they think it could be a new HD chip that could be the culprit since I bought the receiver in July and it was one of the first ones manufactured. Anyone out there have any advice or similar issues?