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  • advice required on 5.1 speaker system , specs given

    System Consist of :

    Book Shelf

    1. 2Way 3 speaker System, with 6” Hand made Denmark Drivers with Mineral Coated
    Vented Light Weight chassies Design with high temperature Aluminium Voice coil.
    2. 1”Metal Dome Tweeter with Neo D .Magnet Carried with Rear Port line Phase
    Dampening guide Tube Design.
    3. Handling - 150 watts @ 8 ohms.
    4. Impedence – 8 ohms.
    5. Sensitivity- 92db @ 1 w/1M. 2.83V
    6. Frequency Response - 38 Hz- 20KHz + 10db
    7. 18mm MDF Canadian Anti Resonant Enclosure with Fork Bracing Technology with
    No Noise level Detected.
    8. Gold Plated Biwiring Terminals.
    9. 2 Way Petented Net work Technology,with high toierence Polystrene Capacitors
    & Pure 100% Industance Copper Wire used on a Glass Epoxy PCB. & non Interference
    Gapping adjusted for better phase connected sound delivery.
    10. Finish available Black Grain Wood design coated Vinyl moisture proof finish.


    1. 2 Way Dual Driver design 5” Black Kevlar Glass Fibre Cone, design with Kepton Sandwitch coil
    And large magnet Structure with 1”Metal dome Neo D Tweeter.
    2. Handling- 150Watts @ 8 ohms.
    3. Impedence - 8 ohms DCR -5.6 ohms
    4. Frequency Response - 45Hz-20 KHz.
    5. Sensitivity – 90db.
    6. 18mm MDF Enclosure Braced.
    7. Gold Plated Terminal Post.


    1. 2 Way 5” Drivers Technology.
    2. Metal Dome Neo D Tweeter.
    3. Curved Design MDF Enclosure.
    4. Handling – 120 Watts RMS @ 8 ohms.
    5. Frequency Response – 85Hz to 20KHz.
    6. Impedance – 8ohm.
    7. Sensitivity- 91db.


    1. 10”Long throw Non pressed Heavy, Foam & Dual Suspension 65mm Aluminum.
    TIL Dual Voice coil Large magnet motor structure connected to CLASS -D
    Digital German Amplifier of 300 WATTS.
    2. Frequency Response – 20Hz- 250Hzs.
    3. With phase Switch and Auto Standby power switch.
    4. 18mm Non Resonant Braced Cabinet Technology with Slot ported Technology
    for Smooth flow at high pressure level.
    5. Auto Tripp and Zero Short Technology,TORROIDAL TRANSFORMER DESIGN.
    6. Special 28mm Front BAFFLE DESIGN .

    what does the community say about this combination with a denon 1610? please reply .. Ajit

  • soundtrack during movie and sub woofer playing music

    The movie plays fine, but some times it takes a few minutes for all the channels to come out. Also when I play music I couldn't get the sub woofer "involved", so there is no base. What am I doing wrong? Please help.