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5.6 out of 10

Watchmen: The End is Nigh

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Reviews and Problems with Watchmen: The End is Nigh

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Overall 10

this is how online ordering is done.

james Burke, Amazon
17 January 2014
  • Summary: I got what I ordered in a prompt fashion. The game was in great condition- works like a charm. Thanks for the anxiety free purchase.
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Overall 8

The End is Nigh....

Ian Pettman, Amazon
2 May 2012
  • Summary: Bought this several days ago and played it a little today..... had to wait till I was in the mood to play and the kids where out of the house, okay what to say? Loved the movie this game is based on, and I always wanted to be Roscach, so I really like the Game... it has the same Gritty feel of the movie....
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Overall 6

It's alright.

Quasi the Mode Toad, Warner Bros
6 September 2011
  • Summary: I didn't know what to expect out of this game to be honest. I'm not a hardcore Watchmen fan, and I really bought this because it looked entertaining and I needed something to kill some time. That's exactly what I got. Just something to kill the time. It's not bad, per se. But it's not very entertaining. There's not much of a thought process, and there isn't much variety to the villains (at least what I've seen so far).
  • Pros: Fun To Play, Good Audio, Graphics, Multiplayer
  • Cons: Boring, Poor Instructions
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Overall 7

Fun Co-op Cannot Compensate For A Terrible Game

GBmac, Game Informer
15 March 2011
  • Summary: 6.75 Provided both players enjoy violence, Watchmen: The End is Nigh can feel very rewarding.  Friends will grimace together when Nite Owl tazes an enemy in the face...while the enemy lies on the ground.  Friends will laugh as they throw enemies off buildings and bridges, never to be seen again.  I found myself saying "Look at my screen! Look at my screen! Rorshack just beat that guy to death with his own weapon!
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Overall 10

The end is nigh

gabriel, Amazon
13 February 2011
  • Summary: Wathcmen the end is nigh is basically a streets of rage beat em up which in this game it works watchmen the end is nigh parts 1 and 2 that was once a dlc but is now a disc form of the game the story takes place before the movie not very sure about were it takes place before the comic book Pros of the game - You get to play as Rorschach or night owl and get to experience there different fighting styles Rorschach i think is the best of the 2 only because he can use weapons...
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Overall 0


TheWidowMaker19, Game Informer
19 May 2010
  • Summary: i played ,this is a sorry excuse for a game,roshach er watever walks around with his hands in his pockets its stupid lookin,cutscenes are shitty ,and i enjoy the occasinal badass cutscene ,and the fighting system is terrible
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Overall 4


Collin Cook "Erie", Amazon
18 April 2010
  • Summary: I was excited to play this game after seeing the movie, but I was really disappointed. The environments all look the same and there are only a few kinds of bad guys. To sum up the whole game you walk around and beat up bad guys. Not much of a plot besides that.
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Overall 4

Lots of potential, not much payoff

b-gat, Amazon
15 January 2010
  • Summary: This game offers satisfying melee combat, and literally nothing else. That's not quite fair -- it looks great for the most part, and the writing is absolutely top-notch. The story is interesting, and the incidental dialogue between the two playable characters and even from the enemies is surprisingly entertaining. But when it comes to the actual gameplay, you'll realize after about half an hour that you have done pretty much everything the game will let you do.
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Overall 4

Quick Cash In Made With Little Effort

Siklootd, Amazon
23 November 2009
  • Summary: What's the first thing a company does when they know that they have a huge hit on their hands? How about try to rake in a few extra bucks with the least amount of effort put in? That's the way that Watchmen: The End is Nigh plays. The game looks beautiful, the characters are rendered in stunning HD graphics and the environments are too. These are the only good things that the game has going for it however. The gameplay is boring and tedious.
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User Review

fmansat, play-asia.com
19 October 2009
  • Summary: Play de démo first before buying the game. You like the style, then buy it on DVD or BD support to play it and resell it later.
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