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Wanted: Weapons of Fate

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Reviews and Problems with Wanted: Weapons of Fate

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Overall 2

Very Lazy Game

B. Miller, Amazon
1 July 2011
  • Summary: You pretty much spend the first two hours repeating the shoot from cover and move forward scenario over and over. Then the challenge factor is increased by adding guys with shotguns that require 10 shots to the head to kill and poorly placed checkpoints. Snipers are added to shoot at you the second you peek from cover making firefights seem to go on forever. Overall this game gets boring very quickly to the point where you feel you should be getting paid to play it.
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Overall 2

Terrible in every way.

Saito Hajime "My reviews are short and sweet...., Amazon
17 September 2010
  • Summary: I can't think of one redeeming quality. Everytime I try, it's like: the graphics are okay...but the frame rate is apalling. Even the cutscenes jump around. There are very few choices in guns, the story is weak, and very short. I love the movie, but there is no reason to play this game. If anything it made me like the movie even less.
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Overall 2

poor game/story line/graphics/ character dialouges

mp101, Amazon
12 July 2009
  • Summary: rented the game glad i did. The graphics are good for in gameplay, but as for the cutscenes they date back to the year 2000, i mean the cutscene graphics are horrible in comparision to the graphics you see in gameplay. but as you all know graphics dont make the game fun, gameplay does. So heres my rant on the gameplay. I played the demo and i loved it. Rented the game found out that what i played in the demo was the pretty much the same thing except boring.
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Overall 1
Gameplay 5
Graphics 3
Sound 6


Vendetta626 , GameStop
9 April 2009
  • Summary: This is just about the easiest game i've ever played. I finished the whole game in a matter of 2 hours if that. The whole game all you're doing is curving the bullet. You don't even have to know where the enemy is, it targets him for you. Also the graphics are absolute garbage. For the generation that the gaming world is in and the capabilities that these companies have WB definitely did not take advantage of them.
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Overall 2

Shortest....Game....Ever.......Thanks God!

B. Klinko "nureveww", Amazon
2 April 2009
  • Summary: I've heard the argument that the time it takes to beat a game should not be the only factor when determining its worth. I agree, but this is ridiculous. 4 hours to beat on normal mode....actually quicker when you go back and try to beat on killer mode, because you now are 100% acclimated to the controls (yeah, like all 3 of them....really, there are like 3 moves in the game).
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Overall 2

Wanted: Weapons of Fate (Xbox 360): Another ropey tie in

Jonny_Two_Times, Dooyoo
5 August 2009
  • Summary: Wanted? No, not wanted! Another ropey movie tie in, this game fails in all of its objectives. The controls have you cursing the game developers as your character haphazardly runs, jumps, dives from one piece of scenery to another - you're never quite sure how you have got him from one place to another. The graphics look ok, but are nothing special, another rushed game brought to a release date by the movie company.
  • Pros: None
  • Cons: Glitchy controls, stupid bullet curving, crazy donkey syndrome
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