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Viking: Battle for Asgard
6.9 out of 10

Viking: Battle for Asgard

A fierce struggle is taking place within Asgard, the realm of th Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Viking: Battle for Asgard

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Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Graphics 9
Sound 7
Lifespan 8

Viking: Battle for Asgard Review

IGN Entertainment
11 March 2010
  • Conclusion: Outside of the slowdowns and busy sections, Viking has a lot of cool graphics. When you hit the shore, you’ll see wave swells. The outdoor terrain is realistic, with rolling fields and spiraling hills. Interior sections feature stone staircases and pillars, or craggy rocks and cavernous passages. Again, there’s not too much time to appreciate it, because you’ll spend most of your time trying to avoid getting overwhelmed by Legion fighters.
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Overall 4

Viking: Battle For Asgard

The Gamers Temple
16 August 2008
  • Excerpt: There is a song by a now-defunct band, Atom and His Package, called “Me and My Black Metal Friends.” The song starts, “In the mountains of Norway, where the weather is cold, there’s not much to do except kill each other and play guitar in the snow.” Hilarious, yes, but it perfectly describes the current European metal culture. Genres like power metal, black metal and sometimes death metal, are quite popular over there.
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Overall 7

Viking: Battle for Asgard

Game Over Online
15 August 2008
  • Excerpt: Lost in the well documented blood feud between ninjas and pirates, the fearsome Vikings rarely get the face time they deserve. Refusing to sell out by dressing up in designer black pajamas or shamelessly yelling their catch phrase everywhere they go (Yarr!), these noble warriors from the north are often ignored by the mainstream media.
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One of the goriest mature fantasy action games.

Common Sense Media
31 July 2008
  • Summary: Parents need to know that this game is extremely violent and bloody. Players can quite literally chop off limbs, slice off an enemy's head, and purchase new stealth moves to do it all up-close and in slow-motion. You can slice a baddie in half and watch as his entrails seep out. Blood and guts are very much a part of taking an enemy's life.
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Viking: Battle For Asgard Review

29 July 2008
  • Excerpt: Viking: Battle for Asgard doesn't sell itself all that well. The opening few minutes are packed with plenty of walking, talking and collecting, but not a whole lot of action - something pretty high on your list of expectations when you boot up an 18-rated game with a dual weapon-wielding Viking on the front cover. It feels very much like a shinier, less ambitious version of Fable, but then you actually start to fight.
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Overall 7
Graphics 8
Sound 8
Control 9
Addiction 6

Viking: Battle for Asgard Review

Cheat Code Central
25 July 2008
Overall 6

Viking: Battle For Asgard

Strategy Informer
24 July 2008
  • Conclusion: For £10, it’s hardly asking a frost giant sized entry fee, but as a mindless slash fest it’s fated to not keep those pesky pillaging urges down very long. Tap F to down mead, tap F to board longboat, tap F to row away.
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Expert Review

Machines that Go Bing!
23 July 2008
  • Conclusion: VIKING: Battle For Asgard is due for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation® 3 early in 2008. For more information please visit www.sega-europe.com.
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Overall 8

Viking: Battle For Asgard

True achievements
18 July 2008
  • Conclusion: It will entertain you for awhile till you find that the story is rushing to a close way to soon. which leads me to the second part. the game is short. the levels are massive but all contain the same agenda so after the first level you basically can figure out the rest. all in all i loved this game because what it had to offer the first time around. I wish they could have added more suspense and originality thus adding to the game play.
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VIKING: Battle For Asgard

28 May 2008
  • Excerpt: The olden days were bad times for some. Especially for those whose Gods are looking to engage in an all out war that spills over onto the mortal coil. And especially for those who lived in places that were really, really cold. Unfortunately for the inhabitants of Viking: Battle for Asgard, both things apply. Yes, things have been getting a bit heated up in Asgard.
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