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Reviews and Problems with TRIVIAL PURSUIT

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Review: Trivial Pursuit for Xbox 360

6 July 2009
  • Excerpt: At first glance Trivial Pursuit is not a title that really lends itself to console gaming. This is a board game best played with a few friends who know each other well enough to laugh about the fact that one player can’t remember when the Battle of Hastings was or who invented the printing press.
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Overall 6

Trivial Pursuit

True achievements
25 June 2009
  • Conclusion: It's not like Scene It where you have HD video and thus need the space provided by a DVD, a full install of this game was 3.4GB, however I wonder what it is in the game that takes up that much space. Overall this was far and away the worst trivia game experience I've had on any platform. 1/5 stars for me.
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Overall 6
Value for money 4
Gameplay 6
Graphics 5
Sound 2
Funfactor 7

Trivial Pursuit

ME Gamers
2 April 2009
  • Excerpt: First Impressions My reaction is I can remember many board games from my childhood that I loved to play. Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, and Monopoly are just a few that come to mind. It seems that in recent times, game studios are tapping into the once loved era of board games, and giving them a 21st century makeover. Unfortunately, in the massive excitement to bring these classic games to life, something or the other gets lost in translation.
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Overall 7

Trivial Pursuit

Gamer vision
23 March 2009
  • Excerpt: Name: Trivial Pursuit Genre: Board, Trivia Platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii (Reviewed on Xbox 360) After EA announced their deal with Hasbro, complete exploitation of every board game under their brand was expected. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With a growing trend of connectivity, the idea of bringing classic family-style entertainment to consoles seems like a sure bet, and there’s no reason that the shift towards casual can’t mean great things for gamers...
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Overall 6

Expert Review

17 March 2009
  • Summary: It's hard to deny the joy in proving that you are the king of trivia. There is something inherently satisfying about dropping knowledge bombs on a variety of arcane subjects, and Trivial Pursuit has long been the arbiter in matters of trivia superiority. Electronic Arts' attempt to bring the hugely popular board game to the home console definitely captures the essence of the original game, packing in a ton of head-scratching questions that will leave savants and scholars...
  • Pros: Facts and Friends mode is delightfully sinister, Answering trivia questions is fun
  • Cons: No online multiplayer, Geography pops up in every category, Every question is multiple choice
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Overall 6

Trivial Pursuit

Total Xbox
10 March 2009
  • Excerpt: Here's a stumper: Can you put out a multiplayer game in this day and age with no Live support...and actually expect it to sell? Like Monopoly before it, Trivial Pursuit is inexplicably — and unforgivably! — stranded in the pre-internet era, but at least EA had the wisdom to stick in a fast, irresistibly fun new version of this classic board game that completely hooked us.
  • Pros: + Brilliant Facts & Friends mode prevents a subzero score.
  • Cons: - WTF? No Live play for a multiplayer game...in 2009?, - $40 is too much to charge for this limited offering., ? Why isn't this part of Hasbro Family Game Night on XBLA?
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Overall 4
Gameplay 4
Graphics 5
Sound 5
Multiplayer 6
Longevity 7

Trivial Pursuit

4 February 2009

Trivial Pursuit Unhinged

14 April 2008
Overall 8

Trivial Pursuit review

5 July 2009
  • Excerpt: This latest Trivial Pursuit title is a great take on the classic board game. Although suffering from a few issues, it still has a lot to offer for armchair trivia veterans and casual enthusiasts alike. Ultimately the success of this game will be tied to the frequency and quality of DLC.
  • Pros: Cool animations and bright visuals. Scrolling stats for each players. Facts & Friends mode is well constructed. Ambient sounds aren't too irritating.
  • Cons: Some visual questions lack definition. Question pool should have been bigger at launch, and charging for updated DLC packs containing additional questions will likely irritate customers.
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Overall 5

Trivial Pursuit

17 April 2009
  • Excerpt: There’s not a great deal of potential for surprise when board games arrive on home consoles, so it’s to be expected that EA’s Trivial Pursuit delivers exactly what you would imagine – the classic general knowledge quiz, without the hassle of lost cheese pieces and cheating family members. And what more could you want? In this sense, a review will do little to sway you one way or the other – either you like Trivial Pursuit or you don’t.
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