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The King of Fighters XII

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Reviews and Problems with The King of Fighters XII

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Overall 7

King of Fighters XII

26 January 2011
  • Excerpt: Not quite the rebirth we were hoping for. With 2009 being the year that fighting […]
  • Pros: + Excellent gameplay, + Well-rounded character roster
  • Cons: Lack of features, Online lag, Feels incomplete
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King of Fighters XII

The Armchair Empire
29 January 2010
  • Conclusion: include more than just the very basic fighting game modes or create attractive menus or fix some of the hit boxes so clearly landed hits actually count. King of Fighters XII's fighting looks so good, I'd put it against heavy hitters like Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur, and DOA. There's something nostalgic about the 2D "flat" animation and rich The-World-as-Seen-by-Japan backdrops that twinges the part of my brain that holds my memories of the local arcade.
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Overall 7
Graphics 10
Sound 8
Control 7
Addiction 7

The King of Fighters XII Review

Cheat Code Central
4 January 2010
Overall 6

Expert Review

Game Informer
4 January 2010
  • Summary: With redrawn characters and backgrounds to match its pruned gameplay, KoF XII is something of a reboot for the series. Unlike Street Fighter IV's reimagining of classic sensibilities, though, this is little more than a straight-up love letter to 1995. Many of your favorite characters are all here ? although there are ''only'' 22 fighters available ? and the mano-a-mano fisticuffs are just like you remember them.
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Overall 8

The King of Fighters XII

True achievements
15 December 2009
  • Conclusion: Now to finalise this I would recommend this game to hardcore beat em up fans as it has that little bit of retroness to make it an attractive game. But for a person not a fan of the series, it might not float your beat em up boat. I started hating the game, but ended up loving it, so you never know if you might end up loving it too!
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King of Fighters XII Review

3 December 2009
  • Excerpt: What is King of Fighters? It's a valid question. The long-running 2D fighting game series, which began a whopping 15 years ago with the release of King of Fighters '94 for the Neo Geo, has never enjoyed the global popularity of Street Fighter, Tekken or Soul Calibur. It was originally conceived as a coming together of the most popular characters from SNK's Fatal Fury (yay!) and Art of Fighting games, among others.
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Overall 7

King Of Fighters XII Review

23 November 2009
  • Summary: " King Of Fighters XII " offers so much potential but sadly it is let down by the amazing lack of game content and a very inconsistent multiplayer.
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Review: The King of Fighters XII (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Diehard GameFAN
22 November 2009
  • Summary: : King of Fighters XII was originally heralded as the rebirth of the King of Fighters franchise due to its massive visual redesign, but thanks to some lacking mechanics and a broken online mechanic, it may well be the undoing of it instead. On the plus side, the presentation is outstanding, the controls are as tight and functional as ever, there’s a decent roster of characters in general and the game mechanics are easy enough to learn and understand.
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Visualize the Win!

Cheat Code Central
14 November 2009
  • Conclusion: Although it has been four years since The King of Fighters XI, it looks like the time off has done it some serious good. The part of this title I am sure most people are looking forward to is its hand-drawn visuals, but the new elements of the combat system will draw in new and old fans as well. At this point, it seems the only thing we don't know about The King of Fighters XII is what the online modes (if there are any) will entail.
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Overall 2

Hellboy: Science of Evil

10 November 2009
  • Excerpt: Ok, so my hopes have been up recently. The last few games to come out on the PSP have been pretty good, and there have even been a few decent movie tie-ins over the last few months. So what went wrong? Released in conjunction with the stonkingly good movie Hellboy 2: The Golden Army , the developers have devised a totally different, although typically Hellboy story about Nazi madmen seeking ancient relics of power and magic, presumably to give gamers a game which doesn’t...
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