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Super Street Fighter IV

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Reviews and Problems with Super Street Fighter IV

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Overall 7
Gameplay 8
Graphics 6
Sound 6
Replay value 9

Super Street Fighter IV

Family Friendly Gaming
2 February 2013
  • Excerpt: Super Street Fighter IV is the most recent release in the hardcore known franchise. This PS3 and Xbox 360 home console video game takes an artistic direction. The intro movie has to be seen to be believed. It also gives families a glimpse of the numerous issues in Super Street Fighter IV. Players punch, kick, and use insane super powers to defeat their opponent. Super Street Fighter IV hints that these powers are spiritual in nature.
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Review: Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generation is a treat for fans of the franchise

1 February 2013
  • Excerpt: Street Fighter will blow your mind once again with its recently released hardcover graphic novel series by UDON Entertainment. Super Street Fighter Volume 1: New Generation is printed in art-book size — 8.25 by 11.75 inches — and you’ve gotta see it to believe how clear the quality of the art has become for the largest-size novel yet from UDON . Can someone say “perfect”?
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Overall 8

Super Street Fighter IV

Video Game Generation
11 January 2012
  • Summary: If you never played a 2D fighting game before and are looking for the newer model, you probably can’t go wrong picking up Super Street Fighter IV . This is a decent 2D fighting game, complete with tools newbies would need to get up to speed. It’s nice to finally have the Car Crusher and Barrel Buster Bonus Stages in the game but these lose whatever limited intrinsic appeal they possess and wear out their welcome rather quickly.
  • Pros: All 35 characters available at boot up., Online battles can be a lot of fun, (unless you get one of the many cheap fighting losers noted)., Still the best 2D fighting game series around
  • Cons: A cheap ploy to get everyone into gaming online and purchasing ongoing upgrades. Remember, kiddies, it’s not about quality product…it’s about, licensing, , and racking up, ongoing, endless fees for access to same, Removal of the Time Trial and Survival Modes?, As with all 2D fighters, moves and combos can be difficult to pick up for those less familiar with the series., As with most 2D fighters (and to a lesser extent, 3D fighters as well), moves are cheap, (particula...
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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition

1 July 2011
  • Conclusion: Arcade Edition comes in two flavors--either as a download via the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live to upgrade an existing Super Street Fighter IV copy or as a budget-priced retail box that includes the entire game. For Super owners, Arcade Edition isn't a dramatic overhaul of the game, and its worth really depends on how competitive you want to stay when playing online.
  • Pros: Solid, fun fighting, All four new characters are interesting additions, Across the board character balancing.
  • Cons: No Challenge mode for new characters.
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Overall 9

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Review

Strategy Gaming Online
28 June 2011
  • Excerpt: , the whole community has been revitalized. Sure, they still drive up to big cities to do local tournaments that cover both new and old games, but now there's a secondary community, one that plays online.
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Overall 9
Gameplay 9
Funfactor 9

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

Digital Chumps
27 June 2011
  • Conclusion: I'm glad Capcom released the Arcade Edition and gave buyers a choice to get it via DLC or the full retail release ($15, $40). For avid Street Fighters, this is a solid purchase, but everyone else can do just as well holding out for a price cut.
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Overall 7

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Review

22 June 2011
  • Excerpt: Street Fighter. Everyone knows it. Many love it. When Street Fighter IV released, it rejuvenated the fighting game scene. A year later, Super Street Fighter IV came out as a decently...
  • Pros: + New characters, + New balancing, + New replay channel for the hardcore
  • Cons: The new characters are lackluster, Poor integration with SSFIV, The price is a little steep
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Overall 8

SSF IV: Arcade Edition Features A Reduced Price Along With Minimal Improvements

Game Informer
6 June 2011
  • Conclusion: Concept: Add four characters and some bonus replay features, call it a new edition Graphics: The same graphics you saw in 2009 Sound: The same sound you heard in 2009 Playability: Only the most hardcore fighting fans will notice the tweaks and balancing Entertainment: Street Fighter IV was a blast, and this is too if you haven't burnt yourself out on the game Replay: Moderately High
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Overall 10

Super Street Fighter IV

8 September 2010
  • Excerpt: It’s been just over a year since the original Street Fighter IV hit shelves and, for the months that followed its release, fighting games were back on
  • Pros: $40 Price Tag, New characters, moves, and stages, Smart updates to existing modes, Same fast paced 2D fighting
  • Cons: Difficult learning curve for beginners, Absence of modes from SFIV, Online is still inconsistent, T.Hawk
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Review: Super Street Fighter IV (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Diehard GameFAN
9 August 2010
  • Summary: : Super Street Fighter IV is pretty much as good as its predecessor and features more characters and new modes to boot, and while it doesn’t impress as much as its predecessor, it’s still a fun time that’s worth owning if you’re a fan of the series or fighting games in general. The presentation is as good as ever, there are plenty of fun and involved things to see and do, the gameplay is still quite solid, and the game is challenging enough for veterans while still being...
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