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Reviews and Problems with Stormrise

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Overall 6

Test Stormrise

Generation NT
11 July 2009
  • Conclusion: Deux constats s'imposent à la fin de ce test. Le premier est que nous sommes effectivement en présence d'un soft novateur au moins sur la partie gameplay. Pour le reste on sera moins tranché sachant que notamment pour le scénario on ne s'attendait guère à autre chose. Mais il est vrai que la découverte de ce Whip Control et l'intégration de la verticalité est un point non négligeable du plaisir que l'on peut éprouver dès le début.
  • Pros: Gameplay novateur (Whip control et verticalité), Esthétiquement réussi
  • Cons: Très vite brouillon, Imprécis, Scénario trop survolé
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Astro Boy: The Video Game

Hooked Gamers
15 June 2009
  • Conclusion: I feel sorry for the youngsters (and their parents) who go out and purchase games based on their latest favorite movie. Though generally made just to cash in on the popularity of the movie, most are playable by younger gamers who don’t care about the nuances that make a great game. Unfortunately for Astro Boy fans, this game is horrible. The story follows the movie plot, but the difficulty of the game means that younger fans will never see the ending.
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Overall 2

Stormrise (Xbox360)

15 June 2009
  • Excerpt: I had never heard about Stormrise prior to when I was asked to write a review for it, not once having come across a preview, press release or even a batch of screenshots, so I knew next to nothing about the title when I first popped the disc in the drive.
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True achievements
2 June 2009
  • Conclusion: Takes about 8-10 hours to boost all the online achievements. Then the campaign achievements are extremely boring and you got to beat the game twice. - 1/6 Good game? One of the worst game I have ever played in my entire life and right now the worst xbox game I have ever played - 0/6 Total points for Stormrise 3/24
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Overall 4


Gamer vision
29 April 2009
  • Excerpt: Real-time strategy games have never really gotten along with home game consoles.  Despite several valiant attempts at bringing RTSs to consoles, the task of directing dozens, if not hundreds, of on-screen units has always been more manageable with a mouse and keyboard than with a game controller.
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Overall 3

Expert Review

22 April 2009
  • Excerpt: The question of how to successfully port the RTS genre to home consoles is one that is – arguably – still unanswered. Creative Assembly are the latest team to step up to the plate and have a crack at it, with Stormrise’s success hinging on their new “Whip Select” system. The idea behind Whip Select is that with your right stick, you simply point in the direction of the unit that you want to control, and the camera “whips” to that unit, allowing you to issue orders and...
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Review – Stormrise

22 April 2009
  • Conclusion: It would have been better if The Creative Assembly had included some more casual “affirmative”s and “orders received”s in there, but it still wouldn’t be much better. In the future, let’s spend less money on voice actors saying unnecessary bullshit and more money on developing awesome pointing systems. OK?
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Overall 3


16 April 2009
  • Conclusion: In light of the game's ambitiously advertised, but ultimately disastrous technology, one has to wonder just how many hours were actually spent on testing this shambles of a game. Whoever worked on this project should've been sent to do something more useful. Hm, like ironing out bugs in Empire: Total War ? Stormrise is a great example of how to mess up a great concept.
  • Pros: There is potential here... if you're persistent enough to look;
  • Cons: Extremely flawed controls, lousy pathfinding and AI, a game that never should've been let out the door, Creative Assembly's greatest flop.
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Overall 6

Xbox 360 Review - 'Stormrise'

2 April 2009
  • Summary: Stormrise is a real-time strategy console title offering fans of the classic RTS genre an immersive and dramatic twist whilst challenging the conscience. Experience the heat of the battlefield by leading your troops from the front line, instead of the traditional way of controlling the units from a detached viewpoint.
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Overall 5


1 April 2009
  • Pros: Decent plot, Whip-select is... new at least, Mechs with flamethrowers
  • Cons: Ham-fisted controls, Everything's so gray, Zero thrills
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