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Sonic Unleashed
6.9 out of 10

Sonic Unleashed

Everyone's favorite hedgehog breaks new ground yet maintains his Read more

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Overall 5

Sonic Unleashed Xbox 360 Review

Console Obsession
29 May 2010
  • Excerpt: It’s seemingly impossible for SEGA to release a new Sonic game, without some sort of added gimmick to mix things up. Sonic Adventure introduced a ton of different playable characters, whilst Sonic Unleashed turns the blue hedgehog into the more bulky and less agile, Werehog.
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Overall 8

Skate 3 Review

18 May 2010
  • Excerpt: It’s difficult to keep a successful series fresh and new while at the same time honoring what earned its notoriety in the first place. Historically, this has seemed to be even more the case for extreme sports games.
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Overall 3
Gameplay 0
Graphics 1
Sound 0
Versatility 0
Funfactor 0

Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360) Review

2 July 2009
  • Summary: If you are a fan of the original Sonic the Hedgehog games, leave your nostalgia as it is. This game will only taint the memories you have of running through the Emerald Hills saving helpless woodland animals.
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Overall 2

Sonic Unleashed

14 April 2009
  • Excerpt: The epic battle between Sonic and Dr. Eggman continues in the newest installment of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. The newly developed Hedgehog Engine shows off the speed that branded Sonic who he was then and is now. After an enthralling battle of might vs. machine, Dr.
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Sonic Unleashed Review

25 March 2009
  • Excerpt: Anyone who played a Mega Drive during its glory years will have fond memories of Sonic the Hedgehog. These days mascots seem to play second fiddle to general brand coolness, but in the early 90s the playground was dominated by Sonic and Mario, with sides most definitely being taken.
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Overall 6

Sonic Unleashed

True achievements
20 March 2009
  • Conclusion: They weren't great, but I liked how Sonic Team at least tried something different. This game isn't a great game, but is at least worth a rent. With more time and effort, it could have been better, but it's certainly better than the Sonic 06' disaster that came before it.
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Overall 5

Expert Review

Brutal Gamer
18 January 2009
  • Excerpt: Sonic is one of the most known gaming characters, ever (just behind Mario) and he is one of those characters which I grew up with and the amount of memories I have with the original set of games were fantastic.
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Sonic Unleashed (360)

Hardcore Gamer
14 December 2008
  • Summary: The Sonic the Hedgehog franchise has an audience filled with mind-boggling variety. You’ve got the little children who think he’s the coolest thing ever . You’ve got the older fans who were there at the time of his inception.
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Overall 5

Sonic Unleashed [Xbox 360]

The Review Busters
14 December 2008
  • Conclusion: I really wish I could say this Sonic game was worth while. The asking price is just not good enough; this game should be discounted now! It is a much bigger improvement over the last Sonic game, but anything is better than that crap.
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Overall 7

Xbox 360 Review - 'Sonic Unleashed'

13 December 2008
  • Summary: Everyone's favorite hedgehog will be breaking new ground yet maintaining his roots, in the upcoming title, Sonic Unleashed, taking players on an unforgettable high-speed journey around the globe in a way never before experienced in the world of Sonic.
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