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Shadow Complex

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User Review

Plasmaneedle, Metacritic
18 January 2014
  • Summary: Shadow Complex captures the essence of Metroidvania games and has some very great upgrades to boot. Excellent sense of progression, interesting plot great exploration and a good combat system. This game is probably the best XBLA game you can get.
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User Review

wesker2012, Metacritic
2 October 2013
  • Summary: Awesome Metroidvania type of game. One of the most fun games I've played. Game design is excellent. I loved the mix of 2d with 3d. Sometimes the controls can be frustrating though...the character doesn't do what you want him to do.
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User Review

drlowdon, Metacritic
5 August 2013
  • Summary: A 3D game played on a 2D plane Shadow Complex takes a few minutes to get the hang of but its addictive gameplay will quickly suck in most gamers that give it a go. Truth be told much of what the game does has been seen before in other, more famous, titles. The games structure for example is taken straight from the Metroid series with more and more areas been opened up as you acquire new weapons.
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User Review

Tashy497, Metacritic
3 June 2013
  • Summary: This is my most favorite game of all time. This game blew my brains out... it took me back to old school roots and had a new school flavor to it. I can't stress enough how badly this game needs a sequel and for it to be on Steam. The fun factor of this game is A+. The controls are fantastic it just feels right. I love this game so much that after beating it, I beat it again...
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User Review

ActionBastard, Metacritic
14 January 2013
  • Summary: Taking the classic Metroidvania formula into 2.5d, Shadow Complex's high points shine through, but so do it's faults. The game allows to player to move in only 2 dimensions, but provides 3 dimensional interaction. Enemies will assault players from both the foreground and the background, and players can let the game aim for them, or use the right stick to aim themselves. The shooting controls are not without fault, and can seem clumsy and imprecise to new players.
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Overall 8

It's a code

Bryan R. Shepard, Amazon
3 December 2011
  • Summary: It really is a code! You can use it, too! I guess it's pretty good as far as codes go.
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User Review

Coolbutlame, Metacritic
24 October 2011
  • Summary: An amazing 2.5D shooter that combines Golden Eye with Super Metroid for a fun, yet disappointingly short, experience. The voice cast was good and the enemies were a good challenge, but next time give the game some depth. Seriously, if I hadn't got stuck on a few parts I could have finished this in 4 hours tops. Let's hope a good sequel will solve all the petty little problems that kept this gem from being a diamond.
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User Review

Markc, Metacritic
15 May 2011
  • Summary: Great game. My only complaint is aiming at the enemies in the background is very difficult. But once you get the rocket launcher that becomes a lot easier. Also, the story, while good, isn't ver in depth. Other than that, it is one of the more enjoyable games I've played with some of the best gameplay.
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User Review

starmario123, Metacritic
28 April 2011
  • Summary: 9/10 = Amazing = Tons of replay value, and overall a very fun game. I still prefer the metroid's and castlevania's of the world though. Horrifyingly bad story.
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Overall 10

great game

Q. Jones, Amazon
1 April 2011
  • Summary: this is a great game a nice twist on the classic side scroller and looks amazing. the ending wasn't as good as i hoped sorry had to say it... really wanted a nice classic boss battle or something epic... but you won't be dissapointed with the game when you play and play it again. Please make a part two to this game. the download option is great, i wish you had a option on your website to pay to get a physical copy.
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