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Reviews and Problems with Saw

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Overall 5
Playability 4

Saw 2: Flesh and Blood Review

Xbox 360 achievements
2 November 2010
  • Conclusion: It’s hard to be disappointed by Saw II as the game never really promised too much, but a collection of mini-games linked by a plot most of the films fans will know about already, is hardly what we call value for money.
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Overall 6

Infinite Undiscovery

13 May 2010
  • Excerpt: It’s common for a developer to become synonymous with one major franchise. For Square-Enix, this is Final Fantasy , so it comes as a great surprise to learn that the developer has announced a string of new Xbox-only exclusive titles, with Infinite Undiscovery kicking things off with an almighty...
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Review: SAW (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Diehard GameFAN
12 May 2010
  • Summary: : SAW is a surprisingly solid game that ends up being not bad for a first crack at the franchise, as the game is creepy and challenging enough to sell you for a while, and with a little more imagination and play-testing it might have been a real winner, astonishingly enough.
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Atmospheric horror game with gory, sadistic gameplay.

Common Sense Media
7 May 2010
  • Summary: Parents need to know that this survival horror game is not appropriate for kids or young teenagers. Just as the five feature films are disturbingly sadistic and gory, the game is equally as graphic.
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Overall 4


True achievements
24 April 2010
  • Conclusion: Do practically anything for the first time and an achievement unlocks. I feel that in the narrative exposition segment of the game- playing up the creepyness is essential. It's hard to build that tension with the constant ploinking sound of an achievement unlocking. But this is a minor gripe.
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I Want to Play a Game. A Professor Layton Game.

17 March 2010
  • Conclusion: There is glass on the floor. The dead people have shoes. I can't take them because...?
  • Pros: The opening sequence effectively captures the spirit of the films.
  • Cons: Why am I killing people with Nailbats? This isn't Condemned 3 .
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Overall 7

SAW Review

19 January 2010
  • Summary: " SAW " could have been one of the best licensed games of all time to be honest. The fact it isn’t quite up there really beggars belief. The slight brevity of the game I can take. The non-randomised puzzles in a time-based environment I can’t.
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Overall 8


Gamer Limit
2 December 2009
  • Conclusion: Thrilling, chilling, with a whole lot of blood spilling. A deeply intense and enjoyable single player game, marred slightly by a lack of multiplayer, clunky combat, and some repetitive gameplay.
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Overall 8

Saw Review

6 November 2009
  • Excerpt: Given the success of “torture porn” film properties such as SAW and Hostel, it's surprising we haven't seen more games attempt to cash in on the guilty pleasure genre. Thankfully, for fans of those just-can't-look-away films, the former franchise, featuring iconic killer Jigsaw, has recently...
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Overall 5
Gameplay 5
Graphics 5
Sound 6
Longevity 5

Saw: The Videogame

28 October 2009
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