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Persona 4 Arena

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Reviews and Problems with Persona 4 Arena

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Bore -sona

1 week ago
  • Conclusion: It's obvious the pillars are going up , not down.
  • Pros: That intro really got me pumped to play.
  • Cons: I have absolutely no recollection of who Marie is.
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Overall 9

The Best Of Both Worlds

Game Informer
4 weeks ago
  • Conclusion: Concept: Bring back the fighting tournament to continue the story along with six new contestants Graphics: The hand-drawn anime scenes are impressive, and the vibrant colors still look great Sound: Fans will love the songs from past Persona titles presented alongside strong voice acting Playability: The basic mechanics are accessible for beginners, but fighting gurus looking for a deeper experience won’t be disappointed Entertainment: Persona diehards and hardcore...
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Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Game Revolution
26 September 2014
  • Excerpt: Of FES, Golden, and Ultimax. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax may sound like a remake for the original fighting Persona spin-off released in North America on August 2012, but it's more of a direct sequel that expands the underlying story, the number of available modes, and the size of the character roster.
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Overall 10

Persona 4 Arena

18 May 2013
  • Conclusion: Thus, Persona 4 Arena is a standout game; it marries theme and mechanics closely, and through its apparent simplicity allows a total novice to enjoy it all while layering on levels of strategy for advanced play based on positioning and timing rather than specific dexterity at inputting attacks. This much more strategic aspect is almost a way of translating RPG combat to a fighting game and changing the focus much more towards system mastery.
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Overall 2

Decent fantasy fighting game, but filled with swearing.

Common Sense Media
11 January 2013
  • Summary: Parents need to know that Persona 4 Arena is a fighting game set in the surreal fantasy world of the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona video game franchise. Players battle a series of characters and monsters from the previous games in the series, along with their partner known as a "Persona.
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Expert Review

29 September 2012
  • Excerpt: Pick your favorite Persona 4 character and take on other familiar faces in this brand new fighting game!
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Overall 9

Persona 4 Arena Review

Games Abyss
22 August 2012
  • Conclusion: : One of the best fighting games on the market today. Enough said.
  • Pros: While I have enjoyed many fighting games in my time, I have never been happier playing one than with P4A. The ultimate fulfillment of fun will be achieved by those who are fans of both the Persona series and fighting games. Addressing the game purely as a fighter however, it doesn’t get much smoother or enjoyable than this.
  • Cons: : Story-mode appeals only to the most hardcore Persona or RPG fans and even then it could use more player-controlled fight sequences and less repetition. Hit boxes can seem a bit odd at times, but are not difficult to get used to.
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Old Friends Return in a Most Unexpected Fashion

18 August 2012
  • Conclusion: I forgot how much I missed these characters until Arena reminded me.
  • Pros: Labrys' elegant, touching story.
  • Cons: The white story text can sometimes be hard to read.
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Overall 10

Persona 4 Arena Review

17 August 2012
  • Excerpt: This fighting game delivers all the fan service Persona fans can handle. Read our full review.
  • Pros: + Simple concept with complex structures, + Amazing fan service, + Terrific story and acting, + Online works and works very well, + Accessible for new players
  • Cons: The story mode may not be for everyone, Matchmaking is off at times
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Overall 10

Persona 4 Arena

Auracore MediaWorks
13 August 2012
  • Summary: A well-made integration of Persona 4 mechanics and characters into a delightfully complex fighting system.
  • Pros: Excellent visuals; Arc System fans will feel right at home; new, canonical Persona storyline; complex fighting system that incorporates personae.
  • Cons: A little daunting for beginners; no easy-to-reference combo list; story mode is more visual novel than fighting game.
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