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Reviews and Problems with Nier

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Overall 7

Expert Review

20 March 2015
  • Summary: Nier is a game with obvious, easily identifiable problems, but it is also a game that does other things well enough those negatives are forgivable. Sure, the endless backtracking and fetch quests will wear on you after a while, but probably not until you have seen two of the four endings and played...
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Alternate Take – Nier

12 July 2011
  • Conclusion: That being said, I managed to complete all but one sidequest, despite loathing such busywork in any other game.  I don’t think this vindicates them, but it does show how much I enjoyed being in Nier’s world and among its characters.
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Review – Nier

9 December 2010
  • Conclusion: Nier does nothing new with its combat system, puzzles, or little subsections of shooting game, text adventure, farm simulator and other oddities. The mechanics of the game feel totally disparate, as if they were pulled out of a hat.
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NIER Review

8 October 2010
  • Excerpt: Where to start with NIER, perhaps the most genre-bending game of 2010? This JRPG from cavia (Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles) is a hodgepodge of so many gameplay types that it's impossible to work out, even once completed, what, exactly, it is. This is undoubtedly a good thing.
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Bloody, sexually charged RPG with an oddly touching story.

Common Sense Media
29 September 2010
  • Summary: Parents need to know that Nier is one of the bloodiest Japanese RPGs (role-playing games) to come along in some time. Huge gushes of crimson spew from fantastical enemies and wild animals when struck, and humans are shown gravely injured in the game’s cinematic cut scenes.
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Overall 8


The Gamers Temple
18 September 2010
  • Excerpt: Let's get this out of the way right at the beginning: Nier is one of the hardest reviews I've ever had to write. Before I had even finished the game, it became clear that I would have to explore every last inch of the bizarre RPG to have a chance of nailing this review. Why?
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Overall 6
Graphics 6
Sound 8
Control 7
Addiction 4

Nier Review

Cheat Code Central
7 September 2010
Overall 6


4 September 2010
  • Excerpt: You can never be sure exactly what you are in for with a Square Enix game. They will usually be epic RPGs with sumptuous graphics, evocative soundtracks and spiky haired angst-ridden emo teenagers playing with swords and magic without proper adult supervision.
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Overall 4

Heavy Weapon

4 September 2010
  • Excerpt: Heavy Weapon is an old school side-scrolling shooter which has been bought into the present kicking and screaming; on one hand we have crisp HD graphics but also a game which retains all the gameplay mechanics of games now long gone, be them good and bad.
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Project Gestalt

22 August 2010
  • Conclusion: Watching big, manly Nier land on his butt like a clumsy five year old after a big fall.
  • Pros: Seeing a group of friends actually behaving like a honest-to-goodness group of friends for maybe the first time ever in a video game.
  • Cons: The extra cut-scenes in the second playthrough were uncharacteristically melodramatic.
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