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7.9 out of 10

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

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Reviews and Problems with Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

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User Review

Kriostyx, Metacritic
4 February 2015
  • Summary: This game is something else. Points for originality, but god damnit.... this is bad. Like relentlessly bad right down to the core. In this game you are an ineffective melee fighter/acrobat with terrible combat controls and imprecise and unreliable jumping controls. You are followed constantly by a large ogre-like creature with the IQ of a lifeless rock. The Ai is coded intentionally This game is something else. Points for originality, but god damnit.... this is bad.
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User Review

rhap, Metacritic
17 October 2014
  • Summary: Very emotional game. Gameplay wise it's very simple and intuitive, but what shines in this game is the story. The relationship between our main hero and Majin, the cutscenes and the way their friendship evolves can't be matched by any game I've played. Awesome game, 10/10.
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Overall 4

Okay Game

JamieBaker, Amazon
14 September 2014
Overall 4


Truth, Amazon
26 July 2014
  • Summary: This game is not dat good. Kinda sucked. Gets annoying at times. Controls ain't bad. Sound is nice. Graphics is good. Story is kinda dumb. But da characters, my goodness. Horrible annoying animals dat talk. And horrible acting.
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Overall 10

Five Stars

jennefer, Amazon
20 July 2014
Overall 10

Colorful and entertaining

pathagarian, Amazon
19 July 2014
Overall 10

Love this game

Sheila Combs "Lady Coyote", Amazon
28 February 2014
  • Summary: Though a little long this game is wonderful. The scenery is well developed an stunning at some points and the story line keeps you playing just to see what happened to the kingdom. The journey is about friendship and teamwork. You play a young man who breaks into a corrupted and decayed castle, there he finds the Majin a magical forest creature who he helps escape and together they slowly unravel the mystery of what happened so long ago to a once beautiful and prosperous...
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Overall 6

A nice puzzle, story, but lack of gameplay.

Stephan Verdone, Amazon
9 February 2014
  • Summary: The game is very interesting, have a lot to offer. There was a lack of polish and gameplay was rather sluggish to say the least. Definitely recommend it if you want to play an interesting game, with interesting creatures, and interesting characters.
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Overall 2

boring, no map, no money system.

stephanie Brackett, Amazon
15 January 2014
  • Summary: pretty boring. there's no map so you get completely lost when you're trying to do your quests, and every time you come into an area you have to try and figure out if you've already been there. Also (and this is super nitpicky, i know) there is no money system in the game, which is something i really like an RPG to have. all in all, I played it once and never put it in my xbox again.
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Overall 10

Great game for the price

Jasmine L. Liu, Amazon
12 December 2013
  • Summary: Awesome cute game, kind of goofy but very well done overall, it was a really fun play, definitely worth the price.
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