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Overall 5

Leedmees review

24 June 2012
  • Excerpt: We're pretty keen on the recent emergence of Kinect-enabled Xbox Live Arcade games, as only a handful of the existing retail offerings have captivated us long enough to warrant a full-price purchase. We need these kinds of quick-hit experimental offerings, and we need them fast – though the downloadable releases to date have been a little hit or miss. Or rather, hit ( Fruit Ninja Kinect ) and miss (Hole in the Wall), since only two have launched prior to this week.
  • Pros: Solid single-player execution, Decently challenging in later missions, Living out those deep-seated bridge fantasies
  • Cons: Poorly executed co-op interactions, Spikes, balls, and ghosts, Still waiting for the next great XBLA Kinect game
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Overall 4


26 February 2012
  • Excerpt: Unless you are into dancing or yoga, there has been a certain lack of full priced commercial games for the Kinect of late. It has been up to the world of XBox Live Arcade to fill the hole in the market, which has left much of the Kinect-owning populous using it for nothing more than the updated interface. Leedmees attempts to break the trend and keep people entertained over the Christmas period for the usual 800 MSP.
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Overall 10
Video quality 9


BluRay Authority
28 January 2012
  • Excerpt: Microsoft’s Kinect is an incredible piece of tech, but the software available to this point has been inconsistent. Some games have been solid, but most have been mediocre or worse. But now I think Kinect can add another killer app to the list, as Konami’s Leedmees is a brilliant example of what Kinect can do. The game tasks you to lead a group of little guys from one point to another, sounds simple, right?
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Overall 5


Total Xbox
21 December 2011
  • Excerpt: We just got done with a game of Leedmees, and boy, are our arms tired. Other than that tired feeling, though, the game’s not very memorable. Carrying, throwing, and cradling a group of little white Leedmees through 2D environments sounds fun in theory, but with levels ranging from bland to mildly frustrating, it’s hard to recommend.
  • Pros: + Unique visuals; Kinect works well enough for the earlier levels...
  • Cons: -...but when the game adds obstacles, it quickly becomes frustrating., ? Where are all those little guys going?
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Overall 7

Leedmees Review

12 December 2011
  • Summary: It is hard for any puzzle game to stand out on the XBLA service thanks to the vast array available but " Leedmees " is the first to utilise the Kinect hardware and to be honest uses it well and it is always refreshing to see the Kinect receiving support from downloadable titles.
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Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Looks 9

Leedmees (X360) - Review

8 November 2011
  • Excerpt: Leedmees is a small Kinect game from Konami, and it's one in a growing line of Kinect titles you need to play. It's a unique, 1:1 motion control puzzle game that has you helping a bunch of small creatures from one point to another by carrying and guiding them around with your body.
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17 October 2011
Overall 8

Leedmees Xbox 360 Review

Console Obsession
21 September 2011
  • Excerpt: Many Kinect owners will tell you that there just haven’t been enough quality games for the body tracking camera, well opening up Kinect to Xbox Live Arcade developers is certainly going to help broaden the library. We’ve already had the likes of Fruit Ninja Kinect and Hole in the Wall, and now Konami have released Leedmees – a game which employs Kinect admirably.
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Leedmees Review

19 September 2011
  • Excerpt: The danger in mixing a tried-and-true game type with motion controls is that you could be left wishing for a traditional controller. Not so with Leedmees, a Lemmings-like game that requires you to usher simple creatures, called Leedmees, from one area to another. The Leedmees are on autopilot, forever marching forward into peril.
  • Pros: Frequent challenges keep you moving in different ways, Tons of levels to play alone or with a friend, Puts a fun Kinect-controlled spin on an old concept
  • Cons: LeedMees are too fragile, Late-game levels demand too much, Uninspired presentation
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Overall 6


29 September 2011
  • Conclusion: Although Kinect launched last year with much promise, the reality since then has been that many of the titles supporting the device have felt more, not less, restricted by its full body control interface. Unrealistic expectations and unready developers both play a part in the problem, which might explain the recent trend for smaller, downloadable applications for the platform.
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