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Iron Man

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Reviews and Problems with Iron Man

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Never buy this game, it is awful

EpicParodyRapBattles , GameStop
13 March 2014
  • Summary: II bought this game in 2013 for about $19.95, I got home and put the game in my Xbox (had it for about a year) and and the game started up after the cutscene the begging started, it was kind of fun I guess, but then it went to where you actually wore the Iron man suit, it was horrible to control my favorite thing to do was kamacaze.
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Overall 4

Poor Game

Joshua A. Young, Amazon
20 February 2013
  • Summary: Bought this since I liked the movie and was very dissapointed in the game...barely follows it at all and plays horribly.
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Overall 4


H. Balseiro "ComeOn", Amazon
16 December 2012
  • Summary: It's a fun game for a little bit, controlling ironman is easy and fun, the problem is that the game pretty quickly turns into shooting stuff while overwhelmingly large forces launch dumb attacks at you. The game becomes about attacking and hiding for a little while to recover, the enemies are always the same, just a ton of gun/planes/helicopters attacking all at once. It gets dull pretty quickly. Flying is fun, the game looks cool, but it gets boring fast.
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Overall 8

good game for 2008

halistine, Ebay
14 December 2012
Overall 10


Cody, Amazon
9 July 2012
  • Summary: The game doesn't follow the movie very closely, and the graphics during the movies are a bit bad, but the gameplay is nothing but a good time. I highly recommend this to anyone who's not really picky about things, and is looking for a good superhero game to play. A great purchase.
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Overall 4

Guilty Pleasure

ryigenchi, Ebay
23 April 2012
  • Summary: Iron man is a bland game all around. Controls are kinda awkward. Enemies are stupid and attack you in massive numbers. Graphically, only the Ironman costume is impressive. Everything else feels like its stuck in ps2 era of gaming. And the over all game is uninspired. The good: The flight and the customizing of the suits weapons. Flying around is surprisingly fun and makes you feel like iron man.
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Overall 2

Not my kind of game

ranger, Amazon
10 December 2011
  • Summary: I found it difficult to play and it wasn't very fun for me. I am not into first person shooter games. I gave it away to a family member after playing it one time.
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Overall 6

its too sub par to be a iron man game

Sigmund Freud, Amazon
18 October 2011
  • Summary: Just play it like a flight simulator with not so perfect controls and you'll have a better time enjoying(maybe). Its a worth a rental if your casual player, but for iron man fans this is the only true iron man game out there excluding the sequel which plays worse.
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Overall 8

Complements the movie well, a bit slow, but good for young gamers

jsharbour, Amazon
5 September 2011
  • Summary: This is definitely not a hardcore game for skilled gamers, as it follows the movie's basic plot and pits the player against various enemies over a period of missions. Achieving the mission goals results in money to spend on upgrading the Iron Man suit which is fun. It's a bit tedious but the gameplay is suitable for young gamers.
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Overall 8


bigmik71, Ebay
27 April 2011
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