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I Am Alive

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Expert Review

30 March 2013
  • Excerpt: As a long-time fan of the Survival Horror genre, I began a quest to find a new title to play through and review. The opportunity to cover I Am Alive presented itself to me and I just couldn't pass it up. For a game that has seen numerous sales on Steam in the past several months, I walked away pleasantly surprised.
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Overall 6

I Am Alive review

24 June 2012
  • Excerpt: Realism. It’s what defines modern gaming… less and less whimsical 2D platformers, more and more hardcore 3D shooters set in the Middle East. Every year, we expect a technological leap forward in detailed graphics, believable sound, and immersive control, all in the pursuit of realism. Then a game like I Am Alive comes along, gives us a gritty taste of true realism, and reminds us why rule-bending escapism is easier.
  • Pros: Extra realism. Extra intensity, A hauntingly believable story of survival, Strategizing every fight and every climb
  • Cons: Extra realism. Extra dying, Enough brown to choke on, The innovative too quickly becomes the familiar
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Overall 8

I am Alive Review

24 May 2012
  • Summary: " I Am Alive " is a victim of itself. There is a constant pull between the world of realistic combat with limited resources and more traditional game elements someone clearly thought were necessary to make it more accessible. Perhaps part of the problem is the I Am Alive’s long development.
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Overall 7
Gameplay 7
Looks 8

I Am Alive (X360) - Review

1 May 2012
  • Excerpt: When I Am Alive was first revealed four years ago, we were promised a game that would revolve around survival after a natural disaster. That was the vision the developers at Darkworks had, but they left the project in 2010. I Am Alive was then handed to Ubisoft Shanghai, who decided to rebuild the game with a slightly different vision, resulting in a game with a solid foundation and fascinating ideas.
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Overall 8

Review: I Am Alive

New Gamer Nation
17 April 2012
  • Conclusion: This game is well worth the 1200 ms points. Its not afraid to be different and offer a more survivalist spin on the post-apocalyptic genre, and is also a definite buy for gamers who appreciate the old-school survival genre. So if you’re looking for this to be more like Fallout , its definitely not the title for you.
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Overall 8

I Am Alive: Intense, thrilling, and a little boring, all at the same time (review)

8 April 2012
  • Conclusion: My friends have been asking me how this game is, and I tell them all the same thing: “It’s not fantastic, but you’ve got to experience it.” Not fantastic because, technically speaking, I Am Alive has some clumsy controls (where you can’t always get your character to do exactly what you want him to do), with some long, repetitive bits. But in a time when most games want to baby us with giant “go here!
  • Pros: I Am Alive is 100% raw, gritty survival. You won’t find any zombies or evil corporations here (even if one were behind this mysterious civilization-ending “event,” it’s nothing that the game explores). Lack of basic resources, suffocating dust, and common street thugs are your biggest threats. As you roam the desolate, hazy streets looking for hints of your missing wife and daughter, you must grab what few supplies you can. A bottle of fresh water, a sealed can of foo...
  • Cons: A desolate city leads to desolate action. Even though the hostile climate is itself an enemy, slowly draining you of valuable stamina in the thicker-dust sections, some of the levels are just too lengthy. The game will force you to do some backtracking, which is annoying (but still keeping with the “realistic” vibe), but at the same time (and rather inconsistently), it will also let you skip a lot of retracing your steps, too. The thick fog, limited visibility, muted ...
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I Am Alive

Cheat Happens
7 April 2012
  • Excerpt: If video games were any indication -- the apocalypse is going to be awesome. I'll be riding super charged dirt bikes through a world that's somehow made entirely for it, or have cool weapons that I can modify with parts that are somehow literally lying around everywhere. At the very least, there will always be a few people in need of tasks so I can get food and resources-- a fair payoff to me.
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Overall 8

I Am Alive

6 April 2012
  • Conclusion: It's a shame 'I Am Alive' didn't end up being a triple-A game, because there are some pretty cool and unique concepts here that actually work and are quite entertaining. Granted, the controls may need some tweaking and the AI isn't as smart as it could've been. These are clearly symptoms of a halted game project that was suddenly revived and fast forwarded at some point to make the new deadline. Nonetheless, I cannot deny that I've enjoyed this game.
  • Pros: Surviving is fun in this game, we enjoyed the post-apocalyptic setting, characters and the twist in the combat mechanics;
  • Cons: Gets frustrating after a while thanks to a lot of trial and error, certain gameplay elements tend to ruin the experience.
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I Am Alive

Talking About Games
19 March 2012
  • Excerpt:  I Am Alive made quite an impression at E3 2008. It wasn’t just another  post-apocalyptic game with zombies. The main character was running from normal human beings who were after a bottle of water he carried. The end of the modern world was caused by a massive natural disaster.
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I Am Alive

Talking About Games
15 March 2012
  • Excerpt:   I Am Alive made quite an impression at E3 2008. Starting off with the presumed protagonist/player character running for his life, the confrontation ended not in gunplay but in trickery. Also, the bad guys didn’t look like thugs but bums.
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