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Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

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Reviews and Problems with Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars

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Overall 8

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

22 January 2011
  • Excerpt: When Quake Wars first launched on the PC in October of 2007 it was met […]
  • Pros: + Incredibly deep shooter, + Great bot AI, + Extremely balanced
  • Cons: Graphics suffered from port, Almost too overwhelming
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Overall 7

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Xbox 360 Review

Console Obsession
30 May 2010
  • Excerpt: If you’re more of a lone wolf, then the team based shooter may not be for you. If your entire team was made up of selfish people, it wouldn’t be much of a team now would it? It’s all about working to the strengths of your chosen class as you struggle with the opposition for dominance. Here, it’s the GDF versus the Strogg, human versus alien. Lets begin with a history lesson for our loyal readers.
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Overall 6
Gameplay 7
Graphics 3
Sound 7
Lifespan 5

Universe at War: Earth Assault Review

IGN Entertainment
11 March 2010
  • Conclusion: But I’ve saved the worst for last. Universe at War looks and performs horribly. The graphics are awful and grainy, and units are often too small to readily identify. The maps are drab and lifeless and worst of all, the framerate chugs like the Chattanooga Choo Choo. Why, it’s not like they’re pushing any major graphics. Online, things get even worse. One match I played in, the framerate dropped to single digits as soon as my opponent and I squared off in a battle.
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Snowboard Riot

Hooked Gamers
20 March 2009
  • Conclusion: Let me tell you this, Snowboard Riot isn’t fun and it’s a complete waste of ten dollars. With games such as Mega Man 9 , Maboshi’s Arcade , and the Art Style being available for the same or lower price, it isn’t difficult to see that the game is way too expensive. Hopefully Hudson will continue making higher-quality games on WiiWare and not experiment with anything like this again unless they absolutely know what they are doing.
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Overall 6

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (Xbox 360)

4 January 2009
  • Excerpt: Developed by Splash Damage and published by id Software, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (shortened to Quake Wars) is an interesting spin-off of the popular arena shooter series Quake. This title takes the fast-paced action of Quake and combines it with more strategic elements similar to Battlefield’s. The game was originally made for PC and later ported over to the Xbox 360 by Nerve Software. The game includes twelve maps, five character classes and twelve vehicles.
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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Review

17 December 2008
  • Excerpt: Last year Enemy Territory: Quake Wars proved to be well worth the wait when it finally arrived for PC. At the time console owners were crying out for their own versions, but it's taken over six months to happen. After the home console market has seen the multiplayer space dominated by Call of Duty 4 and GTA 4, and seen THQ's impressive large-scale FPS Frontlines, is Quake Wars on consoles a little too late to the party?
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To Pown a Strogg...

Cheat Code Central
7 December 2008
Overall 8
Graphics 7
Sound 6
Control 8
Addiction 8

Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Review

Cheat Code Central
14 November 2008
Overall 6
Gameplay 1
Graphics 1
Sound 0
Versatility 1
Funfactor 1

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (Xbox 360) Review

8 November 2008
  • Summary: Enemy Territory: Quake Wars fails on one level and an succeeds on the other. The single player offline mode pretty weak. There are only monotonous battles that you will grow tired with over time. Yes, it is fun to run around and shoot things to no end but when there is no storyline to follow gamers grow bored rather quickly. However, if you are an online player then this is the game you will enjoy for a while. The whole game is fantastic online minus the graphics.
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Overall 8

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

True achievements
31 October 2008
  • Conclusion: The graphics are behind a LITTLE bit as well If you like strategy, shooting, or action games I would consider renting this to see if you liked it. Choosing your sides, a prolonged campaign, and instant action will keep you playing for a while, but i dont think people like to play this MP... sorry Overall, a very risky 4/5...
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