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Dynasty Warriors 7
7.9 out of 10

Dynasty Warriors 7

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Reviews and Problems with Dynasty Warriors 7

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Overall 4

Dynasty Warriors 7 review

24 June 2012
  • Pros: That familiar "Dynasty Warriors" feel, Tons of content to sift through, Long single player campaign
  • Cons: That familiar "Dynasty Warriors" feel, Nothing changes ever, Dated graphics
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Review: Dynasty Warriors 7 (Xbox 360)

Diehard GameFAN
20 September 2011
  • Excerpt: Dynasty Warriors 7 is the latest installment of Koei’s long-running action-based series based loosely on the Chinese epic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms . The action is over the top, as the snazzy opening sequence will show you.
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Overall 8

Dynasty Warriors 7

True achievements
31 August 2011
  • Conclusion: Why is there are 100 word count for the videos there is just no need at all it hurts my head is what it does thats why I didd a video so I didn't have to write one :D. this is the first video review I ever did with your help it can become a cult classic or not :( So be kind like, comment ,sub and...
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Dynasty Warriors 7

26 May 2011
Overall 6

Koei Masters CTRL-C; Delivers Another Dynasty Warriors

Game Informer
19 April 2011
  • Conclusion: Concept: Bland action, bland storytelling, and bland environments make Dynasty Warriors the oatmeal of video games Graphics: Dynasty Warriors is finally beginning to look like a current-gen game, but Omega Force still has a lot of choppy animations to smooth out, and an environmental draw distance...
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Overall 6
Gameplay 6
Graphics 6
Sound 6
Longevity 6

Dynasty Warriors 7

31 March 2011
Overall 6

Dynasty Warriors 7

Total Xbox
29 March 2011
  • Excerpt: Dynasty Warriors games tend to strike the same nerve as Earth Defense Force 2017 and Deadly Premonition — they magically straddle the line between bad and campy, and an unquantifiable something makes them irresistible.
  • Pros: + Smacking, stabbing, and slaughtering thousands of chumps.
  • Cons: - Even its newest ideas are old., - The usual: boring, repetitive gameplay., ? Is it too early to nominate its intro cinematic for Best/Craziest/Most Insane of 2011? It’s definitely a contender.
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Dynasty Warriors 7

Ready Up
23 April 2011
  • Summary: If you're already a fan of the Dynasty Warriors games, you will love Dynasty Warriors 7 with renewed vigour - the improvements in graphics and combat, among other things, will put a silly grin on your face.
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Dynasty Warriors 7

19 April 2015
  • Excerpt: Veel die hard Dynasty Warriors-fans kijken halsreikend uit naar dit nieuwste deel. Veel Aziaten en een kleine groep Westerlingen wachten met klamme handjes af wat dit nieuwste deel met zich mee gaat brengen.
  • Pros: + Een van de grootste uit de reeks tot dusver, + Misschien zelfs wel de beste, + Story Mode, + Strategisch, + Gegarandeerd uren plezier…
  • Cons: – … maar alleen als je ontdekt hebt hoe vet deze game is, – Irritante soundtrack, – Je moet flink doorbijten wil je ontdekken waarom er al zoveel delen van gemaakt zijn, – Geen mogelijkheid tot Japanse stemmen
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Expert Review

28 March 2013
  • Conclusion: La déclinaison Empires est un bon spin off. Celle-ci ne déroge pas à la règle. Si vous adhérez au principe de cette boucherie de masse, le titre pourrait vous plaire. Attention cependant à ceux qui ont déjà les épisodes précédents, la plus-value de cet opus risque de ne pas être suffisant.
  • Pros: la tactique, les nombreux modes, de nouvelles stratégies, la pléthore d'officiers
  • Cons: c'est toujours du Dynasty Warriors, pas facile d'accès pour le newbie, toujours pas d'IA digne de ce nom
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