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Reviews and Problems with Droplitz

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Overall 9
Gameplay 9
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Replay value 10


Family Friendly Gaming
2 February 2013
  • Excerpt: I spent a few minutes playing Droplitz at E3 in the year of our Lord 2009. It felt like a fun little puzzle game that would compliment the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Personal Computer video game libraries. Thanks to our fantastic friends over at Atlus I have been digging into Droplitz, and it has impressed me more than I expected. Little drops are flowing down from the top, and the player must set up the pipes so they make it to the bottom.
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Overall 8


22 January 2011
  • Excerpt: Another drop in the bucket. When you hear the name Atlus what usually comes to […]
  • Pros: + Addictive and simple, + Fresh concept, + Challenging without being chea
  • Cons: No multiplayer at all, Not every mode available at start
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True achievements
9 December 2009
  • Conclusion: The learning curve is pretty steep past the first few levels as the droplitz start depleting faster and the boards get wider. there are four modes to play in, each one unlocks the next -Classic is the basic game, though the difficulty increases with each board that you clear -Zendurance Challenge is like Classic without the speed getting faster, although the first board starts at a challenging pace.
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Review: Droplitz (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Diehard GameFAN
9 November 2009
  • Summary: Sure, Droplitz might not have the flashiest graphics and features slightly harder gameplay than one might be accustomed to in a puzzler, but those that stick with it will find a time sink with a lot of modes and unlockables underneath the hood of a simple concept. If you’re a puzzle fan or just want to stretch your Microsoft Points with replayability, Droplitz is a good candidate for your Xbox LIVE Arcade library.
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Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Looks 7

Droplitz (X360) - Review

21 August 2009
  • Excerpt: Droplitz is one of the newest puzzle games added to the XBox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. It’s an interesting challenge that takes on elements of classic games such as Pipe Mania and even a superficial resemblance to the hacking minigame from Bioshock. The game system is theoretically very simple; in the upper half of the screen we have the exit source of a certain limited number of droplets (Droplitz) that are represented by a bar in the left side.
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Overall 8


29 July 2009
  • Pros: Challenging, rewarding gameplay, Creating huge combos = bliss, Great tunes, colorful themes
  • Cons: Very difficult, no interactive tutorial, Only single-player modes, Limited number of skins
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Review: Droplitz for Xbox 360

28 July 2009
  • Excerpt: If you play puzzle games, then you are almost certainly familiar with the basic archetypes found in the genre. The hex game, for example, is a popular style found in endless permutations on almost every platform. Another popular archetype is the pipe game, which has made appearances as disparate as a mini-game in Bioshock and in the 1989 release Pipe Dream .
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Overall 8

Droplitz (Xbox360)

22 July 2009
  • Excerpt: The gameplay concept of Droplitz is simple – by rotating several sets of tiles representing different pathways, guide a series a water droplets down the screen towards ‘buckets’ that catch the droplets. Simple.
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Droplitz (XBLA)

16 July 2009
Overall 8


13 July 2009
  • Conclusion: Droplitz is a must for fans of the puzzle genre, and worth a try for everyone else.
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