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Dead Island

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Overall 4

Dead Island Riptide Review (XBOX 360/PS3/PC)

17 May 2013
  • Excerpt: Released on April 17 th 2013, Dead Island Riptide starts off right where the first game ends, flying of the island of Banoi. When you land you are taken into custody which doesn’t last long and end up stranded on yet another Island inhabited by zombies. Not unlike the first one, the whole point is to get off the new island of Palanai with a few twists and turns down the road.
  • Pros: There is an added fifth character in the sequel, John Morgan. If you like getting your hands dirty, then this character is probably for you. His speciality is hand to hand combat, and his favorite weapon is hand claws. Boats, yes you can now drive boats. What makes them better is the motor underneath that you can activate that rips the zombies to shreds. Who doesn’t love that? New weapon mods are always welcome, and in this game there are tons of new ones. New weapons...
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Overall 9

Dead Island

18 July 2012
  • Conclusion: Banoi is an island that will leave a lasting mark on anyone who visits it. Perhaps you’ll be awestruck by the beautiful blue waters or the lush jungles. Perhaps you’ll remember the colorful cast of characters who liven up your stay. Perhaps you’ll just have to deal with those deep blood stains that won’t wash out no matter how much bleach you use.
  • Pros: Lush surroundings and gorgeous visuals make for a highly engaging atmosphere, Plenty of things to do, including general exploration and a long list of side quests, Excellent melee combat finally gives you the chance to hack away at the zombie horde
  • Cons: The story gets lost in the shuffle, and it’s difficult to really get attached to any of the characters
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Overall 5

Dead Island: Ryder White

3 February 2012
  • Excerpt: If you ever wondered what Dead Island would be like if it played more as a traditional first-person shooter, you can find out in this new downloadable single-player campaign. It casts you as Ryder White himself, a battle-hardened Aussie colonel (and antagonist from the first game) who must butcher his way through the undead-infested streets of Banoi to save his wife, Ellen. Though Dead Island let you use guns, they were in very short supply.
  • Pros: + Emphasis on gunning down zombie aggressors transforms the game into a fast-paced, moderately entertaining (if clumsy) FPS experience.
  • Cons: ? Why don't vehicle-mounted gun turrets rotate 360 degrees? It's no fun having a blind spot where zombies can attack you unharmed.
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Review: Dead Island (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Diehard GameFAN
21 December 2011
  • Summary: : Dead Island is a game that has a lot of lofty ideas and goals, and it’s very impressive in that it manages to make many of them work, but some obvious balancing issues combined with some serious technical flaws make it a game that’s a lot harder to love than it should be. The story does a good job of carrying things along, save for a less than satisfying ending sequence, the graphics are serviceable, if somewhat technically hampered, and the audio is generally quite...
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Ambitious zombie game loaded with violence, mature themes.

Common Sense Media
21 December 2011
  • Summary: Parents need to know that Dead Island is a violent, open-world action game set in a remote island resort that has been overrun by zombies. Players move between enclaves of survivors, carrying out tasks and killing countless zombies in brutal, gory fashion along the way. Adult narrative elements, including alcohol, drugs, brief talk of sexual abuse, and strong profanity, validate the game’s Mature rating.
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Overall 7

Dead Island

Break it Down
5 November 2011
  • Excerpt: Summary [7.0 out of 10] Dead Island generated immediate buzz when its first trailer hit and news of the gameplay kept it going with what sounded like a fun and intense zombie survival experience. Playing the demo at E3 took it a step further and had us really excited for the release. The reality of the game, however, is considerably less exciting and fun than all the hype was supposing.
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Dead Island Review

24 October 2011
  • Excerpt: After six years in development, Techland has come up with a nuts-and-bolts zombie experience simulator. Somewhere in its genetic code is a shade of Left 4 Dead's zombie types, a bit of Dead Rising's crafting system, and Borderlands' preference for co-op. But beneath all that design is just a sustained rumination on what it must really be like to hit somebody in the face with a paddle.
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Overall 7

Dead Island

High-Def Digest
20 October 2011
  • Summary: It started with an announcement teaser: Deep Silver and Techland unleashed a three-minute stretch of CG-footage depicting a family being ravaged by quick-footed zombies, with stirring orchestral music and slow-motion movement emotionalizing a young girl’s transformation into one of the mindless monsters.
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Overall 6

Dead Island

19 October 2011
  • Conclusion: The Bad Average production values never live up to the quality of the first cinematic Dead Island trailer Tacked-on gunfights and driving sequences add little to the experience Repetitive and flawed side objectives Dead Island is available to buy from Play.com. At HEXUS, we invite the companies whose products we test to comment on our articles. If any company representatives for the products reviewed choose to respond, we'll publish their commentary here verbatim.
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Dead Island

The Armchair Empire
18 October 2011
  • Conclusion: abandoned luggage, swimming pools filled with blood, zombies feasting on piles of viscera and stumbling toward the player if they got too close. All the while there are the sounds of beach life: seagulls, surf, and gentle breezes. Visual punctuation marks like abandoned cars and makeshift barricades obviously overrun, work very well in tandem with the eerie aural punctuation marks, like gurgling human husks and screeching undead that run straight toward any beating...
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