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Overall 5

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20 March 2015
  • Summary: "Doomed to fail" is a pretty much all you need to know about Bodycount. "Sent to die" also comes to mind. No, I'm not talking about the agent for The Network sent to blow third-world countries to bits that serves as the main character. I'm talking about the actual game itself. Super short single-player, DOA multiplayer, a tiny handful of maps, bland gameplay, and an incomprehensible story add up to a pretty mediocre overall package compared to the big boys in the FPS...
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Overall 6

Bodycount – Review (360, PS3)

7 September 2013
  • Excerpt: Bodycount, for a long time, is being hailed as the spiritual successor to the frantic action shooter, Black. Developing an original action shooter, however, in a genre full of military shooters that gross hundreds of millions of dollars ala Call Of Duty and Battlefield amongst others is a really tough sell as Bulletstorm found out to its cost.
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Flawed, bloody shooter has over-the-top action.

Common Sense Media
26 November 2011
  • Summary: Parents need to know Bodycount is a very violent and bloody action game played from an immersive first-person perspective. Even the game's marketing materials talk up the arcade-like violence with phrases such as a "cinematic orgy of shooting and wanton destruction" and "mouth-watering arsenal of weapons, grenades, mines, and airstrikes." It also supports voice chat when played over the Internet, a feature Common Sense Media does not recommend for pre-teens.
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Overall 6


Game Vortex
15 November 2011
  • Excerpt: Bodycount unfortunately has only a few things going for it. One is the in-your-face visual style. It doesn't stack up to Crysis 2 or Gears of War 3 , but as long as the action stays hot, it's not unattractive. Since this game comes to us from many of the designers behind last-gen cult hit Black , many might be expecting it to be quite an explosive experience. For the most part, Bodycount gets that right.
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Review: Bodycount (Microsoft Xbox 360)

Diehard GameFAN
14 November 2011
  • Summary: : When handed a bat and given a real opportunity to swing for the fences, Guildford Studio ends up bunting, as Bodycount might appease someone, somewhere, but for the most part, it’s not a particularly pleasant experience by any means. The story is okay (but smacks of lost potential), the visuals are solid, the audio is pretty good, and the gameplay is mechanically simple to understand and work with.
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Overall 7


Game Over Online
2 November 2011
  • Excerpt: First person shooters today have a lot of heavyweight competition. Codemasters’ latest entry, Bodycount , is released during a time when most gamers are waiting anxiously for the release of Gears of War 3 . Sometimes, the period of time either before or just after a major title’s release gives birth to sleeper hits that end up becoming beloved classics after the overshadowing of their original release window has passed.
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Do not Waste Your Time Playing this Game

9 October 2011
  • Conclusion: Why was this made?
  • Pros: Giving up.
  • Cons: Everything before that.
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True achievements
30 September 2011
  • Conclusion: I havent completed the caimpaign yet but it has been reported you can get around 750 just for beating the campaign. At the end of the day this game can be fun if you want to blow things up and enjoy several hours of mindless killing but on the other hand if you are easily frustrated by control issues or poor checkpoint placement I recommend looking elseware.
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Bodycount Review

24 September 2011
  • Excerpt: There's certainly a place for back to basics arcade shooters, but the reality is games like Call of Duty already have that area of the genre covered - even successful attempts like Bulletstorm couldn't manage to eat into Call of Duty's audience. Codemasters' latest crack, Bodycount, is essentially you blasting guns and pretending to blow things up while the most basic of stories leads you from one area of combat to the next.
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Overall 4


19 September 2011
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