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Blood Bowl

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Reviews and Problems with Blood Bowl

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Overall 10


Amazon Customer, Amazon
3 March 2014
  • Summary: The videogame is basically an interactive port of the original boardgame. An expansion adds the dark elves as a playable team. This game ruined my life. Five stars.
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Overall 6

If you loved the board game, you may excuse the poor execution here.

AveryCloseCall "Avery", Amazon
7 December 2013
  • Summary: I'm so conflicted about this game. It's flawed, unfinished, buggy, and a bit of an embarrassment. However, I get so much enjoyment out of it. The UX is terrible, and many of the animations poorly done. The announcers are terrible, and so on. However, I really love the Blood Bowl board game and this is the only way I get to play it. I've bought it on PC and 360, as well as the expansions, and it's like a guilty pleasure for me.
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User Review

ThyRavenWings, Metacritic
18 July 2013
  • Summary: If you can get past the learning curve it is a pretty decent time killer. The game shines brighter on pc though, but on consoles its worth getting a cheap used copy.
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Overall 4

Blood Bowl FAIL

R. J. Gutt "Tigercat", Amazon
17 April 2013
  • Summary: This game rolls random numbers unfairly against the player. In my first three games I failed 80% of my rolls while the computer AI failed 5 rolls total, ridiculous! My most agile player could not even pick up the ball, fumbling twice, in two different games. My superior strength linemen fail most of their blocks, while the opposition almost never fails. There is some serious AI cheating in this game. I love the reroll feature.
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Overall 2

Only likely to be enjoyed by fans of the strategy game, and even then...

A. D. Neal, Amazon
9 April 2013
  • Summary: I am a big fan of the Warhammer universe and thought that this would be an interesting tactical style strategy game, but after a long afternoon of fighting with this game I gave it up and don't intend on trying it again. The graphics are really poor (it would be ugly even for original Xbox generation systems) and yet the load screens take an annoying amount of time considering how rough the graphics are.
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Overall 8

A darn fine Turn Based Strategy Game

Caine, Amazon
24 March 2013
  • Summary: First things first. This is not Mutant League Football! Blood Bowl is a tabletop game that was a mix of American Football rules and Warhammer rules. It was first released in 1987. This has far more to do with Warhammer than American Football. In fact I'd argue it has a lot more to do with Rugby than American Football. I only bring these statements up for those who were unfortunately confused as to what this game was, and for obvious reasons were disappointed.
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Overall 6

Could have been great.

R. Binek, Amazon
19 December 2012
  • Summary: Ok, so first off I am an old Blood Bowl boardgame player that took my Undead team through two campaigns and numerous one-off games so I was very familiar with the boardgame before playing this version. Overall, this game is decent, and a pretty good imitation of the Blood Bowl experience if you play it as a turn-based game. If you loved the boardgame, you should like this version.
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User Review

Evernight, Metacritic
16 February 2012
  • Summary: As someone who loved playing the Blood Bowl board-game with my brother as kids, I very much wanted this game to be good. It certainly has the potential to be, but as mentioned before, the single player is just overshadowed completely by the ludicrous dice-roll cheating in the AI's favour.
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Overall 8


Ralph, Amazon
8 October 2011
  • Summary: I believe this game is under-rated due to the learning curve required to learn to play well. The luck elements can be managed with careful, thought out play. Much of the risk in movement is managed by using the lowest risk (highest probability of success) moves first. Alternately utilizing abilities that negate poor results can minimize risk (ex Dwarves w/'Block').
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Overall 8

Giving memories as a gift

Emilie Fiset "Milly52", Amazon
30 July 2011
  • Summary: My boyfriend used to play this table game with his best friend when he was younger, and after his friend found out it existed in video game form, he became very interested in obtaining it. With his birthday coming up, I decided to purchase it for him and he's been pleased with how it plays just like the table game. He's planning nights to play with his friend online every other week, allowing them to reconnect because they don't see each other very often now.
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