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Call of Duty meets Transformers

sshays, Amazon
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: Being mediocre at the Call of Duty games can get frustrating. All the equalizers in the game are based on kill streaks, which once one falls behind they typically get left behind (pirate code).
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Probably my favorite FPS ever, quite honestly

Aaron, Amazon
6 August 2015
  • Summary: This is probably my favorite FPS of all-time. I was a diehard COD4 fan and less so Modern Warfare 2. From then on, I lost interest in the COD series. However, this is akin back to the COD4 days but with a lot more to it.
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Five Stars

crandizzle, Amazon
16 January 2015

The game is fun but can get repetitive after a while

Michael Deng, Amazon
12 January 2015
  • Summary: The game is fun but can get repetitive after a while. Was sent the xbox360 copy instead but from what I hear there is very little difference is graphic and gameplay. B
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the best shooter I've ever played to date.

Dtonkka "Ben", Amazon
27 December 2014
  • Summary: The game is just amazing, all the different aspects wall running, weapons, the Mech's, the only thing the game truly lacks is a story line.The campaign mode is just about absent, but the online game play is just insane..
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The game is fun to play

Ben, Amazon
19 December 2014
  • Summary: The game is fun to play, I just wish there was a campaign with some co-op or something other than only online play.
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Five Stars

Susanna Hursh, Amazon
9 December 2014

This game will wow you at first, but disappoint you in the end

connor cleary, Amazon
7 December 2014
  • Summary: In its first few hours, this game is a 10/10. The graphics and fluidity of gameplay is actually quite astonishing. The game instantly makes you want to dive in its crazy game. However, as you begin to progress your character - the extraordinary amount of content lacking is shown.
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NO Single Player Mode! Read before buying!

Tom, Amazon
1 December 2014
  • Summary: I have mixed feelings about this game and am thinking about selling it after owning it for only one day. I would definitely say this game is not for everyone. I'm not the type of person who wants to play online with random people.
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Great art design and gameplay, but lacks depth.

Tango Charlie, Amazon
26 November 2014
  • Summary: TL;DR Review: With a more interesting universe than Destiny, Titanfall's lack of a solid campaign prevents you from being full immersed in its mythology. Gunplay and movement is great, but overly-simplified mechanics strip a lot of the skill-curve out of the game, while oversized maps filled with...
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