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LocoCycle Review – PC/Steam

Game Chronicles
24 February 2014
  • Excerpt: After it’s less than stellar debut on the Xbox One, LocoCycle is making the move to PC where I am happy to report that the game is just as much wacky stupid fun as it was on the console – and at half the price.
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LocoCycle Review – Xbox One

Game Chronicles
24 December 2013
  • Excerpt: LocoCycle is quickly making a name for itself as the most despised game of the Xbox One launch lineup.  Twisted Pixel Games is known for their “unique” concepts, but playing as a sentient combat motorcycle for 5-7 hours of repetitive button mashing and reflex-testing QTE’s might be considered a...
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Lococycle Review

9 December 2013
  • Summary: It is shocking how a studio renowned for making great original titles could produce such a mis-fire. There are so many elements of Lococycle that don’t work well, or that are just plain boring, it is hard to see how the game could have been released on Xbox One.
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LocoCycle Review: El moto loco

8 December 2013
  • Excerpt: LocoCycle skipped its initial intended debut on the 360 in favor of making a grand appearance as one of the first digital titles available on the Xbox One. It's undeniably one of the worst looking games on the system when compared to other next-gen titles, but it more than makes up for it in its...
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Digital Chumps
2 December 2013
  • Conclusion: LocoCycle offers a simple fun arcade experience set against a wild and fairly humorous story. It's not going to pass any "next gen" Litmus test as far as graphics and gameplay goes, but it's enjoyable nonetheless.
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Game Over Online
27 November 2013
  • Excerpt: LocoCycle starts off innocently enough with a title screen, then transitions into a silly video introducing the plot and using a ton of wacky ’80s-level stereotypes – or parodies of them. It goes for kind of a Black Dynamite vibe in that regard, but doesn’t quite succeed.
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LocoCycle review (XB1)

25 November 2013
  • Excerpt: LocoCycle is a combat driving game, and I profoundly wish that it was nothing more than that. Then it would merely be shallow, unfocused and tiresome.
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LocoCycle Review

22 November 2013
  • Excerpt: The idea for LocoCycle, given that it's an Xbox Live Arcade game, works. A runaway motorcycle (think Skynet on wheels) bursts free of its Spanish captor only to accidentally drag him along for the ride.
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21 November 2013
  • Summary: I've always had a soft spot for SpyHunter . Although Twisted Metal and other arena-based shooters are great in their own right, there's something special about an action racing game that lets you hit the open road. LocoCyle is kind of like that.
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Monotonous Combat Drags Down A Hilarious Adventure

Game Informer
18 November 2013
  • Conclusion: Concept: Steer a sentient motorcycle toward freedom, dragging your hapless mechanic along the way Graphics: Lococycle looks good, but it's not breaking new ground Sound: I.R.I.S.
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