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Lego Marvel Super Heroes

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Great Game

Herbert, Amazon
1 week ago
  • Summary: Bought this game after we bought the Lego Movie game. The lego movie game follows the movie plot well and I like playing all of the different characters. I like this game better for the ability to go around New-York and I love the mini games. This is my son's first choice when it comes to games because of the playability and the many different characters and interactions.
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HULK SMASH! (Which way should I smash?)

R. Heath, Amazon
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: The story itself is great. It is enjoyable and my wife and I can sit down together and spend time goofing around. There are typical goofy scenes where the Lego people do goofy things and the humor is enjoyable. We do not care for the camera on this game though. Gameplay elements seem unnecessarily difficult sometimes because it's hard to see what we're doing. Previous Lego games haven't given us this issue.
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Save Glitch!

MeadowLark, Amazon
3 weeks ago
  • Summary: I've played a lot of Lego games. This one is really fun. However, it has a serious glitch when it comes to saving. It appears to be that if someone gets recognized by the Xbox One Kinect and signed in while you're playing, then you lose all progress from that point forward. Mr. Fantastic is also really glitch as he wants to turn into a teapot even though the game is indicating that B will go through a grate, pull a web hook, etc.
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fun game minus the fact it wont save

mitchell martini, Amazon
4 weeks ago
  • Summary: currently there is a common bug with this game on xbox one where it will not save progress. only played a few hours since every time we played we had to restart. Hopefully this will get patched. fun game minus the fact it wont save.
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Best game for kids and adults :)

Letty, Amazon
4 weeks ago
  • Summary: I bought this game for my nephew for Christmas because it was a two player game. His dad and him started to play while I watched and I liked what I saw so much that I went and bought it for myself! I have spent my entire weekend playing this as it is addictive! The characters on the street are funny and make snarky comments that make me laugh while I'm running around.
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Fun game, but won't save my progress half of the time

Branden Griffin, Amazon
4 weeks ago
  • Summary: Very fun game, but it seriously struggles with saving progress. Most of the time I try to load a game, I have to sign out of XBox Live and sign back in (while the game is running) before it recognizes the saved file. Then, when trying to save it, it doesn't save about half the time. I was playing for about 2 hours (missions, random free-roaming, side missions, finding "secret" stuff, etc), went to save it, it "saved successfully", I came back later and it loaded from the...
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Russell Fernandes "Snowboard007", Amazon
29 December 2014
  • Summary: First level is fun, frustrating and poorly designed after that. Def a game for children. I especially hate that you and your buddy spend 10 minutes trying to hit a particular switch that knocks down a bridge so you and your other super hero can climb to the next building. Then you remember you have spiderman and that whole part was pointless but the gam will not allow you to just swing over.
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My sister's love playing this game

KL, Amazon
27 December 2014
  • Summary: My sister's love playing this game, excellent 2 player coop fun. Also a very very vast selection of Marvel characters to play with. The dialogue is cheesy, but I'm sure kids and casual gamers will love it. Graphics are good too, though I don't think there are any significant improvements on the Xbox one version. Just get the cheapest version for any console you may own, they all look the same.
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Great game for all ages

Davey B, Amazon
23 December 2014
  • Summary: Excellent game. Play this with my four year old, we both love it. Controls were easy for him to pick up and the game isn't very challenging to beat. This is the first game we ever completed 100% for the xbox. All the marvel history and lore kept me wanting to see what would happen next. Like all lego games, trying to get to 100% can get tedious. The level design was interesting and being able to play as so many characters was simply awesome.
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Marvel Lego Super Heroes are awesome

Bucky Wison, Amazon
22 December 2014
  • Summary: In fairness, all Lego games in my opinion are pretty good. Some of the screen splits in multiplayer can be aggravating, but from a singl player campaign, they're straight to the point, and make a lot of cute references for any fan to enjoy. Lego fans, and Marvel fans will both love this game, and have a new respect for either/or genre. Pick this title up for $20 or less, and you will not be dissatisfied.
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