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Just Dance 2014

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Dance to today's and yesterday's songs for fun and fitness.

Common Sense Media
16 October 2013
  • Summary: Parents need to know that Just Dance 2014 is a dancing game that has you mimic the moves of professional dancers to many of today's (and yesterday's) popular songs. Some of the nearly 50 tracks have mild sexual references or sing about consuming alcohol, but it's not excessive.
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Just Dance 2014 (Wii U)

11 October 2013
  • Excerpt: After trying Just Dance 3 on our Wii, I was a little shy but willing to try the new 2014 version for the Wii U.  Thankfully the dance moves have improved a bit, but I'd still stop what I was doing if someone walked in on me playing this game.  On top of dancing, you can sing as well and get bonus points by using the Wii U gamepad as a microphone.
  • Pros: Strong song list with many popular artists and tracks.
  • Cons: Some awkward dance moves including some sexual gestures.
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Just Dance 2014 review

8 October 2013
  • Conclusion: "...it actually makes it the best in the series." "Just Dance isn’t so much a game about accuracy and precision as it is about just getting up and dancing.
  • Pros: Accessible but challenging choreography, Online mode features, Unlocking new moves with your hard-earned Mojo points
  • Cons: Some odd song choices, Playing duets by yourself, Questionable choreography
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Just Dance 2014 (Xbox One) Review – The Kinect Remains a Mistake, But Just Dance 2014 Isn’t

Canadian Online Gamers
23 December 2013
  • Excerpt: My relationship with Kinect 2.0 is off to a shaky start. You see a couple of weeks ago I was tasked with reviewing Ubisoft’s ‘The Fighter Within’. It was a terrible experience. An awful motion based fighting game that, dare I say, should have never been made. It left a horrible first impression with the Xbox One’s Kinect. Up until a few days ago, I avoided using the Xbox One’s Kinect functionality altogether.
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Just Dance 2014 review

10 April 2013
  • Summary: Just Dance finally goes online.
  • Pros: + Finally adds online play, + Interesting mix of songs, + New Sweat mode, + Accessible for all skill levels
  • Cons: - Emphasis on multiplayer means it's really, really weird alone, - The vibrant design can get a little too busy
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Just Dance 2014 (Xbox One)

20 January 2014
  • Conclusion: Ubisoft traghetta la sua serie danzerina nella nuova generazione con successo. Just Dance 2014 funziona egregiamente anche su Xbox One guadagnando qualche chicca rispetto alle altre versioni. Di contro sebbene il nuovo Kinect faccia il suo dovere, permettendo tra l'altro l'incremento di utenti contemporaneamente nella stessa partita fino a sei, non viene sfruttato in tutte le sue potenzialità.
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Just Dance 2014 (one)

5 January 2014
  • Conclusion: Ich bin ja leider einer der Menschen, die sich extrem dumm und verloren vorkommen, wenn sie keinen Controller in der Hand halten dürfen, und grundsätzlich erst einmal alles boykottieren, was mit Bewegungs- und Sprachsteuerung einherkommt. Deshalb fiel mir der Zugang zu Just Dance 2014 besonders schwer. Bei der Hakelsteuerung im Menü lief es mir bereits kalt den Rücken herunter und ich blickte sehnsüchtig zu meinem auf dem Tisch liegenden Gamepad.
  • Pros: Schicke knallig-bunte Optik mit tollen Effekten, Wunderbare und vielseitige Songauswahl, Viele Spielmodi, Interessante Social-Media-Nutzung
  • Cons: Hakelige Menüsteuerung, Bewegungserkennung mitunter recht ungenau, Piktogramme schwer zu verstehen
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Just Dance 2014 - Review

23 December 2013
  • Excerpt: Mit einigen Wochen Verzögerung steht Just Dance 2014 auch für die PlayStation 4 und die Xbox One in den Läden.
  • Pros: über 40 Songs, gute Einbindung von Kinect (Xbox One), alternative Move-Steuerung (PS4), Karaoke-Funktion, schneller Einstieg
  • Cons: immer noch keine genaue Abfrage der Bewegungen, Kamerasteuerung mit PlayStation Kamera unzuverlässig (PS4), keine Anzeige von Tanzfehlern
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Just Dance 2014

4 December 2013
  • Excerpt: Ressortez la boule à facette et faites chauffer la sono : le dernier Just Dance s’invite sur Xbox One. Une excellente opportunité pour étrenner le nouveau Kinect. Comme précédemment, le jeu de danse d’Ubisoft, propose de remuer son popotin en rythme sur des chorégraphies. Une fois n’étant pas coutume, la détection des mouvements reste toujours assez approximative (elle se limite à votre main droite) , le but reste avant tout le fun immédiat à plusieurs.
  • Pros: - Un party game imbattable pour animer les soirées., - L’arrivée du World Dance Floor., - Playlist à la fois éclectique et dans l’air du temps., - Habillage et chorégraphies toujours au top.
  • Cons: - Pas tant de nouveautés que ça., - Menus un peu mal fichus., - On n’a pas affaire au meilleur ambassadeur du nouveau Kinect, question précision...
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Just Dance 2014 (Xbox One)

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4 December 2013
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