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Child of Light
9.3 out of 10

Child of Light

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User Review

Irishzilian, Metacritic
20 October 2015
  • Summary: Amazing! I got it for free through xbox gold and was really surprised by the game play and the quality of the storyline! Finished the game a few weeks ago and still have the music in my head :D
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User Review

Brandonhesketh, Metacritic
17 September 2015
  • Summary: A beautiful game. Simplely beautiful, it can be very difficult at times but the way the game works is breath taking, i had never really played an indie game before this, but this game is just, i cant say it enough, beautiful.
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Skip it.

abk "abk", Amazon
21 August 2015

Beautiful and fun game for kids, a bit on the easy side.

Dad Lee, Amazon
8 August 2015
  • Summary: Kids loved this game, they ate it up, fully engaged. It has beautiful art and music, and as an RPG, it keeps your kids thinking. I can't give it 4 stars, however, because my kids beat the entire game in a matter of days (12/14 year old girls), and I believe they did so without "dying" more than once...
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Cute little game with a pretty cool battle system

Brent Farris, Amazon
25 July 2015
  • Summary: Pretty awesome game! Wish I had more time to play. The battle system is really awesome. I am able to get through a lot of the battles in the beginning without getting hit. Guess I'm super skilled at the battle system ;) are you.
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I don't know why, but this game is totally awesome!

Mike "Dark Lord of the Sith", Amazon
5 July 2015
  • Summary: First of all, I want to admit that I am a Mortal Kombat, Wolfenstein, Halo, violence-in-video-games-is-awesome, kind of guy. It's difficult to explain why I like this game so much which couldn't be further from those I just mentioned. But I do. This game is great.
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Surprisingly Great and Beautiful

Drew P. Bottom, Amazon
7 June 2015
  • Summary: One of those rare games that sneaks up on you and far exceeds your expectations. The music and art are beautiful. The tone of the entire story hits the right note of melancholy. Perhaps best of all, it has a multiplayer function through which I could play this game with my child and she was able to...
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seamonkey10, Amazon
11 May 2015
  • Summary: Turned based RPG's are not my favorite, but this got such good reviews, I gave it a chance. The first thing I noticed were the beautiful artwork and design in the game. It's almost like a storybook that comes to life.
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Definitely a great free game

Kevin K., Amazon
30 April 2015
  • Summary: Definitely a great free game. I found myself playing this over any other game that I own. I would have spent money to play this game, but I found it free on downloadable games on my xbone. It received a Score of 9.3 on ign so I recommend downloading this magical and dark /creepy title. Have fun
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User Review

DJ_MOISTURE, Metacritic
25 April 2015
  • Summary: 3/10 not enough light, not enough children, kidding obviously, but the battles are a little repetitive. In my opinion it's a beautiful game, and it's well made and everything but it just doesn't hold my attention.
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