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Battlefield 4
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Battlefield 4

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Could be so much better

Killimansorrow , GameStop
28 March 2014
  • Summary: When Battlefield works the way it's supposed to, it's a very enjoyable game my friends and I can play for hours. However, that rarely happens. Most of the time, our game play is plagued by so many different bugs and netcode issues we go back to play something entirely different. I'll get killed from around corners, rubber-banded back and forth for the entirety of the match, after to empty mag after mag into my opponents, only to have them turn around and shoot me once...
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Wait, still!

Justin, Amazon
18 January 2014

Don't purchase this game until it is fixed!

Jonathon Klinginsmith, Amazon
11 December 2013
  • Summary: I would consider myself a very critical person, but I never hand out 1 star reviews. Typically I can find something positive to say about a product, but not Battlefield 4. Where do I start? My first Battlefield Game was Bad Company, and I have been hooked every since. I knew going into the launch of Battlefield 4 that there would be issues, because there always is. Every Battlefield game I have owned has been shaky the first week.
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BF4 is a paid beta (even more so than BF3) UPDATED August 2014

DoggyDaddy, Amazon
1 December 2013
  • Summary: **August 2014 Update**: I'm cautiously taking my review back from one to three stars. I'm playing BF4 again via EA Access (which is the way I would recommend anyway, $5 is certainly worth a one month trial, if you don't want to pony up for a $30/year). So far many of the bugs I noticed before are gone, but I still need to take it through its paces with friends. Very disappointed in BF4.
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Three Stars

John Loscher, Amazon
14 January 2015

Fun but flawed

Eldave0, Zavvi
23 December 2013
  • Summary: Out of all the Xbox One titles I picked up on launch day (Fifa, KI, Forza 5), Battlefield 4 certainly feels the most "next gen". Great visuals, 64 player lobbies, destructible environments, the list goes on. Unfortunately, the game is currently very buggy resulting in several system crashes and a loss of single player data. EA are on the case and are releasing patches but it's still by no means perfect at the moment.
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Great game when it works!

Troy Cheyne, Amazon
20 December 2013
  • Summary: There has been enough reviews all over the internet explaining the issues with this game. Overall wonderful graphics and Leveloution is pretty awesome but the constant ticks and kicks are enough to shelve it for a few months while a few more updates are released.
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Potential is there but.....

Geoff, FutureShop
3 December 2013
  • Summary: Very buggy. Apparently a fix is coming this week but in the mean time I have never played such a buggy xbox live game. Consistently kicks me out of game to the Xbox home screen. The thing is, this game looks great and when it works it is very fun and built for the next gen. If EA can fix the issues I am willing to drop call of duty for this one.
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Kleine Bugs, schwache Kampagne

aiM85 "kiM'", Amazon
27 March 2015
  • Summary: Vielleicht bin ich mit 30 einfach zu alt geworden, aber bereits nach der ersten Singleplayer Mission hat's bei mir aufgehört. Alle 5 Meter eine Munitions- und Waffenkiste, alle 5 Minuten irgendeine Waffe freigeschaltet aus irgendwelchen Gründen, die komplette KI zielt NUR auf mich und meinen unsterblichen Teamkameraden passiert garnichts. Dann die Hubschrauber Szene: Ich schieße meinen gesamten Granaten-Werfer Bestand auf den Heli und es passiert Nada.
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Cristiano Ronaldo "CR7", Amazon
2 March 2015
  • Summary: Das Spiel macht nicht wirklich spaß! Die Story ist unglaublich schlecht und in manchen teilen extrem frustrierend aufgrund fehlender checkpoints in schwierigen Abschnitten. Darüber hinaus dauert die Story nichtmal 6 Stunden. Der Multiplayer hat mich gar nicht begeistert, da es nur Teamspiele gab und man direkt mit erfahrenen Leuten spielen musste. Hatte nach 3 Spielen a 15 Minuten 4 Kills. Anstatt ein Matchmaking system zu machen mit Spielern, die erst neu dabei sind..
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