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6.1 out of 10

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

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Reviews and Problems with Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

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Overall 6

Ghost Recon somewhat of a disappointment

footballbob06, epinions.com
17 February 2004
  • Excerpt: I love Tom Clancy games like Rainbow Six. This game I just wasn't that thrilled with.
  • Pros: good controls
  • Cons: Internet game not work graphics just normal
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Overall 6

A great game or is it?

gatecrashersub, epinions.com
27 June 2003
  • Summary: Well i do enjoy this game however i don't enjoy the bugs if you can put up with bugs then get it on the other hand dont get it.
  • Pros: at first i seems realistic and great
  • Cons: you soon notice alot of bugs that should have been fixed
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Overall 6

Sometimes it's OK to camp

cult2038, epinions.com
25 May 2003
  • Summary: A good introduction to games like Splinter Cell and Counter Strike. Recommended for new FPS gamers.
  • Pros: realistic, not as difficult as Splinter Cell, interesting missions
  • Cons: background graphics, menus, maps, not as difficult as Splinter Cell
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Overall 6

The best Tom Clancy, great buy

nereesa85, Ciao
4 August 2005
  • Excerpt: The game is baised after the Cold War in Russia. There is good range of weapons,soldiers with a range of skills and a huge variety of game play. I bought this game on a whim and all I knew was what was written on the cover. I am so glad I bought this game it is fantastic. You have a dossier which is just a player profile containing your rank and how far you have got in the game.You baisically have to complete all the challenges and the campaigns to build up your dossier...
  • Pros: 2player co - op,online, extra challenges,multiple difficulty levels
  • Cons: some of the extra challenges are almost impossible
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Overall 6

Go on XBox Live with this one!

Bulgetemp..., Ciao
20 August 2003
  • Excerpt: To be honest, when I bought Ghost Recon, I was expecting a bulk standard first person shooter. By this I mean, the usual stomp through level after level of much of the same, looking for better weapons, health packs and power ups, killing progressively harder opponents, with little need for brain power. I was wrong. This game is quiet different, if you opt for the 'run in all guns blazing' approach to gaming, you will last about 10 seconds in this game!
  • Pros: Atmospheric, tense and exciting
  • Cons: Graphically good, but the xbox has seen better
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Overall 6

Ghost of a chance.

xtra, Ciao
15 August 2003
  • Excerpt: This is a great game. Not as good as Halo, but then I've yet to find a game in this genre that is. Ghost recon is an excellent action game that combines strategy and shoot um up with great graphics and playability. It has an extensive choice of weaponry and even gives the option of male/female team members, which is great for me as a girl who gets a little irritated with the constant male character domination of this sort of game.
  • Pros: Graphics .  player selection .  Engaging .
  • Cons: Lossing partner to it .  Not quite Halo standard
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Overall 6

Stick with it!

Millo, Ciao
18 June 2003
  • Excerpt: Take a deadly, realistic lesson in how to fight on tomorrow's battlefield. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon is a revolutionary combination of real world strategy and explosive action based on US Special Forces operations. Features: Next-generation military technology, use the newest infantry gear and weaponry. Realistic & deadly combat on large 400m x 400m maps representing locales throughout Eastern Europe.
  • Pros: Good range of characters, weapons & maps
  • Cons: Not as slick as Halo
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Overall 6

Not For Me I'm Afraid

JimbayG, Ciao
2 February 2003
  • Excerpt: As a fan of Tom Clancy's work and enjoying Splinter Cell so much I thought I would fork out another £40 for this Tom Clancy title. So when I got home and began to play the game the badly designed PC style structured setup of the game became apparent. Then I began to play!! Straight away I noticed the disapointing graphics and as I was playing the game and the initial training mission the complicity of the controls and especially trying to navigate and co-ordinate the...
  • Pros: Good Storyline and array of characters with focus on the general setup of the game well done .
  • Cons: Disapointing Graphics for the amazingly powerful Xbox and Complicated PC style setup and Gameplay Structure .
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Overall 6

Ich bin ein Ketzer, denn...

Hiimori, Ciao
31 March 2003
  • Summary: ..ich finde dieses Spiel enttäuschend und bin der festen Überzeugung,daß es vor verschenktem Potential nur so trieft. Zudem widerspreche ich der gesamten Fachpresse, die es kollektiv mit Wertungen über 80% überschüttet hat. Meiner Meinung hat Ghost Recon einfach zu viele Macken, um es zu einem wirklich guten Spiel zu machen. *** Worum geht's?
  • Pros: viele Spielmodi, Link - Modus, gute Steuerung, guter Sound, bisweilen gute KI
  • Cons: Grafik, maue Missionen, mauer Split - Screen, bisweilen dämliche KI, Merkwürdigkeiten
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