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5.4 out of 10

Red Ninja: End of Honor

Japan in the 1500s, the power of the samurai class is fading and Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Red Ninja: End of Honor

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Overall 9
Gameplay 10
Graphics 8
Sound 9
Lifespan 10

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow Review

IGN Entertainment
11 March 2010
  • Conclusion: If you’ve even heard of Rainbow Six 3, you should do yourself a favor and go pick up Black Arrow. If you don’t have a subscription to Xbox Live you should do yourself another favor and sign up so you can really enjoy what this game has to offer. For those of you who already have an Xbox Live account, you have no reason to delay in getting a copy of Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow.
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Overall 5
Gameplay 5
Graphics 6
Sound 6
Lifespan 4

Stolen Review

IGN Entertainment
11 March 2010
  • Conclusion: With so many other amazing stealth games on the market it would be a disservice to recommend this game to anyone. Not only does Stolen not measure up to the likes of Splinter Cell or Metal Gear Solid but I feel almost guilty putting the game in the same sentence. Anemically lackluster gameplay and hideously sparse graphics do this game absolutely no service. Leave this one in the bargain bin to serve its penance and play through one of the Xbox’s more worthy offerings.
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Red Ninja: End of Honor Review

28 March 2005
  • Excerpt: With quality games like Ninja Gaiden (and to a slightly lesser degree, the entries in the Tenchu series) currently available on the market, the ever-popular ninja action genre is an increasingly crowded place. As the crowd grows, new ninja games are trying to find different ways to stand out. But apart from the fact that the game's heroine is a buxom, scantily robed assassin, there's really nothing at all to Red Ninja that stands out in any meaningful way.
  • Pros: A nice-looking graphics engine that, unfortunately, doesn't seem to be fully taken advantage of, The tetsugen is a cool weapon, mechanically
  • Cons: The majority of the combat is repetitive and dull, The camera in this game is straight-up broken beyond repair, Not much of a story to really engage you, Level and character designs are mostly generic and uninteresting, Platforming mechanics are woefully underdeveloped
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Red Ninja: End of Honor

The Armchair Empire
7 December 2003
  • Excerpt: For all of the popularity that ninjas have in the popular mindset it’s hard to think of many titles showcasing these silk jammy-jam wearing assassins outside of the major franchises (Shinobi, Tenchu, and Ninja Gaiden). Now Vivendi and Tranji are teaming up to do something about this with Red Ninja: End of Honor for the PS2 and Xbox.
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Overall 1

Red Ninja: End of Honor

31 January 2006
  • Conclusion: Glücklicherweise sieht es technisch nicht ganz so mau aus, auch wenn die gebotene Soundkulisse sowie das Grafikgewand des Spiels weit unter dem Durchschnitt aktueller Spiele liegen. Die Grafik zum Beispiel wirkt altbacken und dank uninspiriertem Leveldesign kommt äußerst schnell Langeweile auf. Fast genau so langweilig ist das Verhalten eurer stupide agierenden Gegner, die stellenweise völlig abwesend in der Landschaft rumstehen und auf schönes Wetter zu warten scheinen.
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Overall 6

Expert Review

4 August 2005
  • Conclusion: 11 /20 Loin d'être une bombe, Red Ninja : End of Honnour doit sa grosse faiblesse à son moteur graphique pourri, sans quoi il aurait assurément été un jeu très agréable, surtout aux prix auquel il est proposé ! Pour le reste c'est super sadique, très fun et super jouable !
  • Cons: Laid mais laid..., Seulement en anglais
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Overall 5

Review: "Red Ninja - End of Honor" (XBOX)

14 April 2005
  • Excerpt: Eine typische Ninja-Story Im 16. Jahrhundert entwickelte der oberste Waffenschmied Ryo eine neue, tödliche Waffe, die einen großen Krieg zwischen Nobunaga Oda und Shinghen zugunsten des Takeda-Clans entscheiden sollte. Jedoch wurden Ryo und seine Tochter Kurenai von Ninjas überfallen. Ryo wurde kurz danach getötet und Kurenai in einem Kirschbaum aufgehängt. Ein Tag und eine Nacht später entdeckte Chiyome, die oberste Ninja der Takeda die hilflose Kurenai im Baum hängend.
  • Pros: Nette Verführungsmöglichkeiten
  • Cons: Technik veraltet, Unnötig frustrierend, Leveldesign nicht überzeugend
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