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5.0 out of 10

Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter

You are ex-Special Ops officer Mace Griffin, now a tough-as-nail Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter

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Overall 9
Gameplay 10
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Lifespan 9

Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter Reader Review - 9.1

G.A.Pster, IGN Entertainment
25 October 2004
  • Conclusion: I really liked this FPS, despite it’s bad reviews…..it has the closest controls to Halo I’ve ever played, a wide range of cool guns with alternate fire modes, a decent plot, battle in space dog fights(that’s either good or bad depending on whether you like it, I do) and it’s pretty long, and it has good graphics and a good frame rate….
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Overall 4

The frustration of this game makes it unenjoyable

Noble, amazon.co.uk
1 March 2013
  • Summary: This game is ok. The graphics are slighlty old and the cut scenes take forever. You have good game play and variety of weapons. But the parts I found tedious were the air craft flying and space combat scenes. They are very difficult. They take a very long time. I am on what may be the last one and I am seriously thinking of giving up the game.
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Overall 10

husband loved it

sharon leane, amazon.co.uk
19 January 2013
  • Summary: my husband and son loved this and spent all their spare time playing it...so i got to be left in peace...bliss.
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Overall 8

Good Game Good Game lets have a look at the score board

G. L. Jones "Gazza", amazon.co.uk
13 June 2011
  • Summary: Good Game Good Game.The Only Prob I Had Was Not With The Game But With My Controller.It Went Into Melt Down And Wont Stop Shooting.I Loose Every game In Minutes So I Havent Got That Far.
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Overall 8

Ambitious with a few flaws

M. R. Wilson "martinw6", amazon.co.uk
14 January 2010
  • Summary: If you love first person shooters like me, its hard not to recommend this game. Theres lots to see and do and its technically excellent. Its a shame it wasn't fully playtested to finetune the gameplay but whats there is still excellent but you have to forgive it a few flaws. Sometimes its too hard, sometimes its not obvious what you have to do or where to go and sometimes you notice a few basic flaws in the a.i.
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Overall 6

Better than PS2

Mr. M. L. Hanford "MH74", amazon.co.uk
23 February 2009
  • Summary: I've not played this much but have had the PS2 version for a long time and never really bothered with it,only after playing the Xbox demo did I realise the Xbox version is much better,on the Xbox the crates are a subtle grey/green colour and have a metallic sheen to them on the PS2 they are a bilious green colour with black stippling and as flat as a pancake!
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Overall 2

Some magazine give this 9 ot of 10!!

Vendetta "heretic667", amazon.co.uk
26 February 2004
  • Summary: I'm convinced companies 'bribe' computer magazines to give their games good reviews - such highly overated titles that spring instantly to mind are Brute Force and Mechassault.And now another can be added to that long list. Playing Mace Griffin is like doing the housework - long, boring -and a chore. In many respects, Mace Grffin shouldn't be bad - the graphics are crisp and clear - the animation is excellent, and the score (although highly repetitive) is very good.
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Overall 6

alright but not good

Vendetta "heretic667", amazon.co.uk
7 October 2003
  • Summary: mace griffin is a an average first person shooter.sure it has great graphics,good playability and shows what the xbox is capable of.unfortunately it is let down by many glitches.the ai is not constant.sometimes the enemies walk straight into your arc of fire and sometimes stand still while you are shooting at them.also there is no point in trying to sneak in this game as the enemy know where you are at all times able to shoot you while you think you are concealed.do not...
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Overall 10

There isnt a word good enough to describe it!

"gingerwithattitude", amazon.co.uk
15 July 2003
  • Summary: When I saw the review for this game I new it wasn’t going to be like any normal FPS! This was going to have a huge WOW factor that set it apart from other games on the market. Like a normal FPS you have the great deal of killing working your way through levels fighting the bad guys aiming to complete your objectives but Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter takes this to anther level you explore new worlds new lands and have to achieve exciting missions!
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Overall 6


Raziel2901, Ciao
21 August 2003
  • Summary: THE STORY SO FAR Auf manche Spiele wartet man vergeblich. Es ist erstaunlich wie viele Games es nicht bis zum Ende ihrer Entwicklung schaffen und kurzerhand von diversen Release-Listen gestrichen werden. Manchmal fehlt es an finanziellen Mitteln, ein anderes mal ist das Produkt Qualitativ so schlecht, das selbst die Entwickler eine Veröffentlichung streichen.
  • Pros: Fesselnd, Spannend und Atmosphärisch .  .  .
  • Cons: .  .  . leider nicht sehr lange
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