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6.2 out of 10

Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge

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Reviews and Problems with Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge

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Overall 8

"Crimson Skies High Road To Revenge" Air Piracy Can Be Fun.

Pandemonium, epinions.com
19 May 2009
  • Summary: I recommend this game to anyone that just wants something different to put into their Xbox. Dogfighting is fun again and the laughable characters are great.
  • Pros: Good story, easy to learn controls, graphics, fun characters, and Online.
  • Cons: Very hard to find a game online, game is just a little to short.
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Overall 8

An enjoyable air Combat Game

samf2000, epinions.com
2 May 2006
  • Excerpt: With the popularity of online focused in on FPS Type gaming, it was nice to see a flight combat game
  • Pros: Great graphics, sound and controls
  • Cons: If you prone to Gaming Queaziness with lots of motion skip it.
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Overall 8

Best Xbox flying game

jkafer, epinions.com
24 January 2005
  • Summary: For fans of flying, action and dog fighting, this is the best game available hands-down.
  • Pros: Excellent campaign, fantastic Live support
  • Cons: Dogfighting can get a little repetive, but this is minor.
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Overall 8

Crimson Skies more discount airline than first-class carrier, but still a fun trip.

christwofour, epinions.com
15 November 2004
  • Summary: Even though it's sometimes a bumpy flight, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge is a game worth the $20 ticket.
  • Pros: Fun and engaging gameplay. Good graphics and sound. Imaginative plane design and offbeat plotline.
  • Cons: Some single-player levels repetitive. Some cutscenes can't be skipped. Plane upgrade system too simplistic.
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Overall 8

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge - Aerial Combat Evolved

madtheory, epinions.com
4 November 2004
  • Summary: Not bad for a game that was only supposed to hold me over until Halo 2 .
  • Pros: Cool gameplay, great sound effects and graphics, interesting storyline, Live compatible.
  • Cons: Canyon and escort missions, weak wingmen.
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Overall 8
Gameplay 10
Graphics 9
Sound 8
Lifespan 6

Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge Reader Review - 8.3

DaDiesel06, IGN Entertainment
4 July 2004
  • Conclusion: Crimson Skies combines arcade-like gameplay along with combat flying techniques at the same time. It's gameplay is fantastic (also Addictive), there can be times you just don't want to stop. Graphics are excellent, with the exception of a pause every once in a while when starting and checkpointing new missions. This is a game that truely brings out the real graphical power of the system and takes full advantage of the hard drive.
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Overall 8

Crimson Skies: Microsoft Finally Doesn't Screw One Up.

Alkaiser, epinions.com
30 December 2003
  • Summary: Pick this up. If you have Live, then definitely pick this up.
  • Pros: Tight controls, fun gameplay, nice graphics.
  • Cons: Short in single player...more "fly through the canyon" missions.
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Overall 8

The best plane game on the box

Slinky, amazon.co.uk
7 February 2005
  • Summary: To start with it is the best flight sim on the god box, period. For many that will be all you needed to hear. But the game claims this title by having many quirks other flight sims don't. To start with the game is fun! theres no worry about watching the horozion, wind speed, flap elevation etc, the controls are simple which means the player can settle right in and start enjoying the dog fights, and take offs and landings are handelled by the computer.
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Overall 8

Crimson Skies ok! X-Box Flight Sims not so ok!

"vampz", amazon.co.uk
26 August 2004
  • Summary: As I have said in the title of this "review"; I am really complaining about the state of flight sims for the X-Box. Since Microsoft are the creators of possibly the best series of flight sims for the PC (Combat Flight Simulator 1, 2 and 3); why O why haven't they created a similar series of realistic flight sims for the X-Box. The sims that we do have are basically ok, but not great.
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Overall 8

Great Value for money

"james00001", amazon.co.uk
24 August 2004
  • Summary: The game is sold with the phrase "Dashing Heroes Dangerous Dames and Deadly Dogfights". The first two aren't really too appealing in this game, but the final one most definately is. You have a choice of planes as you progress through the game, a chance to upgrade them, and with this you can blow anything out of the sky. The graphics of the game are good, especially the water, the controls are a little ticky, but after five mins youve got the hang of it.
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