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Blood Omen 2

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Reviews and Problems with Blood Omen 2

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Overall 6

From Dusk till Dawn

Jareth, Ciao
26 August 2004
  • Excerpt: The Legacy of Kain series has been going for quite some time now, and if one thing is clear above all else its that Crystal Dynamics are out to tell a story...and a great one at that. Blood Omen 2 is set many centuries before the emergence of Raziel or even the fall of the Pillers of Nosgoth (for those of you who have no idea what i'm talking about , I recommend checking out the other games in the series).
  • Pros: Epic Story line, Quality voice acting, moody atmosphere, Excellent boss fights
  • Cons: AI somewhat lacking, Simple combat, Simple puzzles
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Overall 6

Blood Sucking Vampires

Hollowman..., Ciao
26 November 2003
  • Excerpt: Blood Omen 2 has a great look and shows some back history to the Legacy of Kain series. The graphics are pretty acceptional but could use some improvement to look more realistic. The fighting is very cool and sucking blood from your victims to retain life is somewhat satisfying. In the game you may pick up certain weapons in order to beat your enemies with. These include some boards, swords, and other weapons you can pick up from your dead opponents.
  • Pros: Cool story line, has vampires, cool fighting style, magical powers
  • Cons: Short game
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Overall 6

Hack and Slash Excellence?

mattdoc30, Ciao
24 July 2003
  • Excerpt: Blood Omen 2: Hack and Slash Excellence or should it have never have risen form the dead? Opening with a CG sequence that would have been mind bending about 2 years, it didn’t live up to present day standards, disappointing for an XBOX game. In game however, the graphics are of a higher quality, though in the cut scenes Kain does have a problem gripping some objects, this is where the complaining stops.
  • Pros: Excellent pick up and play game, easy intuative play and good fun
  • Cons: Sometimes a little repetative and you only get to use the soul reaver at the very end
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Overall 6

The legacy of Kain

chanby, Ciao
29 June 2002
  • Excerpt: BLOOD OMEN 2 The legacy of Kain series. This game is set 200 years after the original Blood Omen, but several centuries before Soul Reaver. The basic story is Kain (a vampire) is resurrected 2 centuries after being defeated and thrown off a cliff by a Sarafan lord who then stole the Soul Reaver (a big sword). The Sarafan army then defeated Kains army of vampires and took control of the land, Nosgoth.
  • Pros: Entertaining, blood thirsty game
  • Cons: Cut scenes
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Overall 6

Cindy and scott are newly weds - whoopy do!

Lasse Engell, amazon.co.uk
15 April 2002
  • Summary: I had this game sold me by a friend - he is no longer my friend. The graphics are average considering it is an xbox game - the gameplay is nothing new or interesting and the lastability sucks. I know i have given it three stars but that is for the one sound effects which reminds me of a light sabre. Aoid like a plague - a dark plague on both your houses.
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