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Reviews and Problems with TRENDnet TPL-307E2K

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Overall 10

Great way to expand your wired network

James S., Newegg
4 weeks ago
  • Summary: First time you pair them, it is best to be in the same room so you do not have to run back and forth. 2 years out they have work as expected. After you do the initial pairing they are easy to move to a new location. I have not used the 110 volt plug feature on the face. Make sure your room does not switch off the bottom outlet you are using as these are large and hang down and would cover the second outlet if you plugged them in the top of the outlet.
  • Pros: Work as intended. Good price to performance ratio. Running strong for about 2 years. Have used in two different homes with no issues in either location.
  • Cons: n/a
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Overall 10

Works great, still strong after 1 year of uses

Nathaniel K., Newegg
4 June 2014
  • Summary: None. Great purchase!
  • Pros: Works as expected, easy set up, very reliable, and great for extending my network to my basement where i have my office. As I recall, I was happy about the price, too.
  • Cons: None that I can think of.
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Overall 4

User Review

Justin G., Newegg
1 August 2013
  • Pros: stronger connection than wifi.. when it works. I'd had planned on using this to connect to my htpc upstairs in my bedroom while the router is in the basement. The plug works fine in the bedroom, but the one connected to the router is inconsistent, therefore I lose connection upstairs.
  • Cons: As stated earlier, the adapter is very inconsistent. The connection works fine at first, but after a few minutes or so, the connection is cut. I check in the basement how it's working and the adapter shows absolutely no activity. I have to unplug and replug the adapter every time it stops working. So far my experience is very disappointing because I see a lot of potential.
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Overall 2

Great when it works the other 90% of the time...

Samantha A., Newegg
10 May 2013
  • Pros: Allows network access from anywhere in your home without the worry of thick walls blocking a wifi signal or installing new cabling.
  • Cons: Constantly loses sync. After running into several issues the first couple of months and contacting tech support I was able to get it to hold its sync for about a month before having to re-sync. Then the utility they had me download would not recognize the adapter at all. So now less than a year out I'm left with 2 dead adapters. You should have have to re-sync every 2 weeks to 1 month to access the internet.
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Overall 10

Easiest way to extend a network

John D., Newegg
16 April 2013
  • Summary: Because of the "Bonus Outlet" this device doesn't even use up available plugs. I plugged my Access Point (AP) directly into the Powerline adapter and can even move it from outlet to outlet if I need to move the AP to a different part of the house for some reason (say a picnic in the backyard - where I wouldn't normally leave the AP, but want to have it available during the picnic).
  • Pros: This is a great device if you are trying to extend your home network, either wirelessly (AP plugged directly into your router via powerline) or just a direct connection via the powerline. Too many people try to extend their wireless networks by placing a repeater somewhere in the middle, but then all you are doing is relaying a weak signal. This device is pretty much Plug-and-Play. I am renting, so I do not have the luxury of running cables through the house, nor woul...
  • Cons: Somewhat bulky
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Overall 10


Marc E., Newegg
9 February 2013
  • Pros: Simply put, I LOVE THESE THINGS. I know Newegg reviews can run the gamut from 1 egg to 5 eggs on the same product, but I must say I don't get the negative reviews on here. Here's my story. In 2004 I bought a new wireless media server to stream music and movies from my office to my living room (diagonal across the entire house -- about 80 feet, 140 electrical wirepath). For the past 8 years I've tried repeaters, extenders, mediaserver to router connections, etc but cou...
  • Cons: None so far. Price was great too.
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Overall 10

Easy networking

Cedric M., Newegg
16 January 2013
  • Pros: Really easy to setup, aka plug and play. Speed is nice, not as much as can do a wireless N I bought them to link my garage to the house network and plugged an AP in the garage. Wireless was not an option for this link.
  • Cons: None so far
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Overall 8

Mixed bag

Kelly C., Newegg
13 January 2013
  • Summary: I will add an additional review after some experience.
  • Pros: Simple setup, works without using the software or CD. Good throughput. I moved a 1 GB ISO in 4 minutes over a short distance in the house, and the same file took 4:25 at the far end of my property, through two breaker boxes and 200 feet more cabling, and a 100' extension cord.
  • Cons: Ordered two sets. One of the 4 adapters is DOA. I am RMAing tomorrow.
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Overall 10

It simply works

Shane P., Newegg
14 December 2012
  • Pros: Simple plug in and use. No problems. I have my router and one module in my living room. The other module is in my basement for my X-box 360. I can stream netflix in HD, no trouble.
  • Cons: The software seems useless in my opinion. Not sure what it is for. Still trying to figure it out.
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Overall 10


bryan m., Newegg
2 October 2012
  • Pros: I put it in my garage because wireless wouldn't work, going through 2 breaker boxes and gfi and I get the same signal that I have inside,just works
  • Cons: none
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