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Reviews and Problems with TRENDnet TPL-305E

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Overall 8

Working great!

D S., Newegg
7 January 2015
  • Summary: Was trying to use wifi with a new smart tv bought for my daughter for Christmas. Too much stuff in the way between the router and the tv, so the tv kept dropping the signal. This fixed that and I will buy another for our back bedroom.
  • Pros: Fast setup, way better than wifi in my house. Would recommend to friends with bad wifi reception.
  • Cons: If you unplug one, be sure to reset both. Don't think I have lost connection other than that.
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Overall 8

Easy peasy... or not

T. W., Amazon
16 December 2014
  • Summary: Bought this to extend my LiveWire powerline system. Plugged it in but it was not recognized by the default network. With a simple renaming it worked like a charm. That being said the rest of the network "got lost".
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Overall 10

Great way to extend home network.

ERIC A., Newegg
19 November 2014
  • Summary: I bought this after getting Xfinity 50 MB service, son's computer upstairs was getting less than a MB on old adapters. Put this in and he started pulling 50. He was ecstatic. Ordered another set for my roku box and my apple TV and they synced right up to the others..
  • Pros: Worked out of box. Small, lightweight, great thorough put.
  • Cons: no cons so far on the product
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Overall 8

Works surprisingly well

Ray P., Newegg
22 August 2014
  • Summary: I use them to connect a SlingBox in my living room to my network on the 2nd floor. Was going to install Cat-5E cable but the sale price of these were too appealing, so I decided to try them. They stream SD video just fine, no pauses or stuttering. Haven't tried any Hi-Def sources.
  • Pros: Simplicity... plug & play.
  • Cons: None I can think of.
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Overall 10

Works better than a Linksys PLEK500

Jaroslaw J., Newegg
12 July 2014
  • Pros: 100% consistent connection. I have this between my modem and my router and get no bandwidth loss 35Mb down and 11Mb up. When I tried a Linksys PLEK500 in the same configuration (between my modem and router) The Linksys bottle-necked my connection to ~20Mb down and 11Mb up. Highly recommend this A...
  • Cons: Does not work well on the same circuit with my Linksys PLEK500. When I plug in the Linksys my speed gets even more capped at around 8Mb so I can't use them together. This is one of the situations where the less expensive product outperforms .
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Overall 6

It works - slowly.

Ethan H., Newegg
3 June 2014
  • Summary: Changing the encryption key from the default (a simple process of holding down the 'sync' button) is certainly recommended. The signals can be (faintly) transmitted outside your circuit box.
  • Pros: If you need to get an Ethernet signal to a otherwise inaccessible area, the Trendnet TPL-308E2K is a dead-simple option. At its easiest, just plug one unit into an outlet near a switch or router, and plug the other where service is needed. Done. Well, almost. Plugging one unit into a surge suppre...
  • Cons: Trendnet advertises a maximum connection speed of 200Mbps. This in itself is somewhat misleading, as they are counting both upstream and downstream connection speed - the highest theoretical speed one sees in a single direction is 100Mbps. Note the "theoretical". The adapters have a management ut...
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Overall 2

TPL-308E2K - Connection Dropping out intermittently

Amandeep P., Newegg
2 June 2014
  • Summary: I am in Canada. I also own 2 Linksys power line adapters these adapters have never-given me any problems. I Purchased 2 sets of Trendnet Powerline adapters on the boxing week in Dec 2013. There were 2 adapters in each box. I am having troubles with my internet connection ever since.
  • Pros: none
  • Cons: TPL-308E2K - Connection Dropping out intermittently
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Overall 10

Easy ethernet

christopher c., Newegg
17 May 2014
  • Summary: There is a relink button on the bottom just in case you need to rebind them together but so far I haven't needed to do this. If you have a big house and wifi gets diminished then these things seem to work much better for me.
  • Pros: Product if very easy to set up and comes with everything you need. Just plugged them in and they worked. I have another pair of powerline adapters and they did not interfere as far as I can tell. The plugs are not polarized so you can plug them in upside down if needed. Speeds are decent enough t...
  • Cons: Hard to find any cons for what someone would use these for but the Ethernet cables are a bit short for my application so I had to use another.
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Overall 8

Good for what they are

Thomas D., Newegg
13 May 2014
  • Summary: I am not a fan of these things. I would use these under certain circumstances: If i needed a connection past a barrier such as metal or concrete where wireless is less than useful and if the connection only supported Ethernet.
  • Pros: Gets the data to those hard to reach areas with almost zero work.
  • Cons: Nothing beats a good Cat6A or Cat7 shielded wire for transfer speeds. These are no substitute for the real deal. These things are no faster than USB 2.0 specs for transfer speeds so if you want file transfer bandwidth use gigabit Ethernet and run real cables.
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Overall 10


Steven H., Newegg
7 May 2014
  • Pros: I love these things. They are so convenient, and for most applications and uses they are more than enough. Even for gaming on my PS4 they worked way better than my wireless N wifi.
  • Cons: 10/100 port... but it still works for most applications
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