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EnGenius ECB600

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Reviews and Problems with EnGenius ECB600

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Overall 2

Waste of my time

Kevin F., Newegg
5 June 2014
  • Summary: I have purchased EnGenius products and have been very pleased, but this particular unit has a problem.
  • Pros: None
  • Cons: I purchased two EnGenius ECB600 units and both have the same problem. They drop my Android Wi-Fi connection after a couple of minutes, but seems to work fine with my laptop. I have set my phone to static IP, adjusted network firewall settings, I have downloaded and upgraded the firmware to the latest version and reset to factory settings, then reloaded my settings from scratch. The problem followed the ECB600 units from my office network to the client’s across town el...
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Overall 6

Update Firmware to 1.5.2!!

Peter P., Newegg
23 May 2014
  • Summary: Expert level users have no issues updating firmware most of the time, novices however have to:
  • Pros: After updating the firmware to version 1.5.2 last night( available on the EnGenuis support site) the hard reset button now fucntions as expected.(see my previous review, hard reset did not restore factory settings)
  • Cons: Be prepared to escalate if you have any problem past basic setup, as such a prominant fault in firmware ( not being able to reset to factory defaults) was a HUGE qa fail..that's about as huge as they can get and an even larger fail that front line support did not recognize or disclose the issue.( I'm hoping a management level tech from EnGenius will respond to this review)
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Overall 8

Huge range increase, options for use.

Milton B., Newegg
22 May 2014
  • Summary: With it's 98 page manual, all the needed information for use is understandable for the advanced user. For a home user, the basics and install will give a huge improvement in wireless range. I live in a large home with a huge yard and this improved my wireless signal by as much as 20+dBm. It has increased my range by 75'+ and the signal throughout the home is much stronger. I run 2 Wireless HTPC's and the stability is improved.
  • Pros: Easy basic install, and options for advanced users.
  • Cons: This is more for the advanced user and a business environment that has the ability to use the features for signal improvement in a complex wireless environment. This can be a con for the home network user, but it does not eliminate it for the novice home user wanting better wireless range.
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Overall 8

Advanced fucntions for advanced users

Peter P., Newegg
21 May 2014
  • Summary: Those that buy a high price a/p like the ECB600 thinking some wizard will ask the right questions will be disappointed. I'll agree with the previous review that DHCP should be an option, but considering the market segment for this A/P, better that it does not have it as it could lead to a network crisis if say you had a half dozen of these running DHCP for wireless and there was a fault. Best to know what you are buying.
  • Pros: Multiple fully adjustable antennas, subtle design(you will hardly notice it mounted on a white wall, configurable indication lights(adresses one of my big pet peeves). Multiple county support. Gigabit Ethernet port(this product can have up to 16 SSID across 2 bands so the gigabyte port is a huge +. Power can be supplied with an optional PoE adapter.
  • Cons: Complicated and over featured for a home network. I had problems getting it to reset to factory defaults. Support however answered quickly(within 4 minutes on a busy day like monday), but was scripted so expect to need escalation for more complicated issues such as setting up multiple AP's in a business enviornment. The last EnGenuis device I reviewed was made for outdoors so it included the PoE adapter. One lost egg of disappointment for not including it with the ECB...
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Overall 6

Outstanding range, low power consumption, no DHCP server, poor interface

Kevin R., Newegg
10 May 2014
  • Summary: Throughput at close range was consistent with other wireless access points I've evaluated. My file-copy tests performed at 35% to 67% of the advertised link bandwidth.
  • Pros: This was going to be a two-star review until I tested the range and power consumption. After testing a variety of configurations in my office, I had plenty of negative notes for the “Cons:” section, mainly based on the web interface and documentation, and not many good things to say about it. However, the range and low power consumption really impressed me, and I had to re-evaluate my initial impression.
  • Cons: There is no DHCP server. Let me state that again: it does NOT HAVE A DHCP SERVER. This would be annoying in a lower class of product, but at this price point it's nearly unfathomable. Yes, large businesses will certainly have centralized DHCP servers, and I suppose most networks will have DHCP servers available from other devices. However, I find it ridiculous that it's not included as an option. In fact, the second step of the “Quick Installation Guide” is to assign ...
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Overall 10


Michael M., Newegg
8 May 2014
  • Summary: If you are looking for something with strong transmit power and flexibility, this is the AP for you.
  • Pros: I have a customer that just moved into a rather large mansion. Verizon came out and installed their gigabit router saying that it would be great for him. Sadly upstairs the signal strength was weak and reported as "poor" on his desktop (we were in the process of crimping the CAT5e cable), and of course my cell phone reported a super weak signal.
  • Cons: Its a bit on the expensive side. But then again I ordered it for the good experience I have had with EnGenius and I knew it would work the way I wanted it too.
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Overall 10

Using as a repeater

Stephan N., Newegg
9 September 2013
  • Summary: If you need a good repeater, this one works great.
  • Pros: Very strong repeater. It is also very sensitive to distant access points. You won't even see the APs on your mobile devices and a site survey on the device will show them.
  • Cons: The first unit died. The second works fine.
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