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EnGenius EAP600

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Overall 10

EnGenius EAP600 great product

Turnerd, B&H Photo
1 week ago
  • Excerpt: We purchased a couple of these to replace some other vednors wireless units some one else installed in the hotel. These units have dual band and high power output. The hotel we are using them in has 3 floors we placed them in the center floor. They have been in place 3 weeks now and the clients havn't had any complaints about their wifi since!
  • Pros: Easy To Set Up, Fast, Fast Connection Speed, Reliable connection
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Overall 10


Mr. c., Newegg
2 weeks ago
  • Pros: Customer Service was excellent. Product works better than described. I was building a network bridge between two houses and this creates the wireless access at the second house. I purchased one of these, one of their switches and two of their antennas, per their customer service recommendations. Works perfect! Speedtest shows 58+ Mbps intenet download speed at the second location, which is basically the full speed of the wired location at the primary spot. Probably on...
  • Cons: none
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Overall 10

Fantastic AP

Thomas S., Newegg
25 February 2015
  • Summary: This is a great solution for anyone who wants a ceiling mounted access point with support for PoE+, multiple SSIDs, Vlan mappings, and other features usually only found in more expensive business-oriented products.
  • Pros: - Great coverage, even in a large house over multiple floors. - Supports PoE+ for full gigabit speed and power over a single ethernet cable. - Supports multiple SSIDs and Vlans. - SSID to Vlan mapping, so I can keep my guest wifi traffic isolated. - Fast, comprehensive GUI. All the settings and information is easily accessible. There's also a CLI. - Ceiling mountable. Mounting bracket is also compatible with their newer EAP1750h model when I eventually upgrade. - They...
  • Cons: - CLI is telnet, not SSH.
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Overall 4

Locks up every 2 or 3 days

Brian Giles, Amazon
23 February 2015
  • Summary: I have had to back burn the project that involve these WAP's and grab another model because they seem to shutdown the Radio over night. I have check on the power etc and they are all fine. Please go to the forums about this product before buying.
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Overall 8

Interesting setup, good performance

Anthony B., Newegg
28 January 2015
  • Summary: Overall I like this AP, well I like it now that its working and has been working for about a day. Initial setup was not an issue, the issue was when I tried to configure VLAN tagging for multiple SSIDs on here. Let me clarify that the switches and everything else were already preconfigured, I was using a Dlink DAP2553 with VLAN tagging before on the same port.
  • Pros: -Good range, covers the 2,200 sq ft of the house with no issues, makes it outside into the yard too. -Performance as far as speed is what I would expect. I can get about 80mbps when sitting 20 feet away, the AP is on the other side of a wall. -Web interface is easy to use (see cons though) -Looks slick, blends in great on ceilings -Concurrent dual band with band steering works seemingly well so far.
  • Cons: -Web interface is slow compared to other similar products I've used -Setup process. I could not get VLAN tagging to work properly the first go around, more on this later.
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Overall 2

Takes your router IP

Tony M., Newegg
24 December 2014
  • Summary: Beware, don't make any assumptions when you configure this thing. I'm still shaking my head that they would have given it as it's IP address out of the box when it's not a router.
  • Pros: Features, price
  • Cons: This thing requires out of the box, which is what most people use as their router IP address and will immediately cause a conflict if you connect it to your network. Every other brand of AP I've used defaulted to a higher address. Now I have an IP address conflict with my router that bumped 100 users off the internet.
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Overall 8

High power wifi

Cosmos, B&H Photo
23 December 2014
  • Excerpt: Needed something to penetrate walls in an old building and this was perfect! Works very well!
  • Pros: Fast, Fast Connection Speed, Reliable connection, Secure Connection
  • Cons: Setup Not For The Newbie
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Overall 8

Simple to set up, nice range as well.

KCCjr "chuck5209", Amazon
20 December 2014
  • Summary: I have this mounted on a 2nd floor ceiling in a typical wood-framed home sitting on an acre lot. I configured the unit as an access point using WPA2-PSK AES security (there are options for various mixed modes and encryption to support older devices - if you must). I have two SSIDs on each band (named identically) with the "band steer" setting enabled.
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Overall 10

Excellent product and highly recommend

Numa S., Newegg
7 December 2014
  • Summary: I have 6 SSIDs configured (three 2.4 and the same three as 5G) and bandwidth steering works perfectly between them. I have a Netgear GS180T switch and a SonicWall TZ-210 here at home. With this combination I'm able to completely isolate the traffic between my LAN and WLAN based on SSID & wireless frequency as desired.
  • Pros: Web GUI layout, vLAN support, signal strength, bandwidth steering, PoE capable, looks, mounting hardware, reliability.
  • Cons: No built in DHCP server for "public" wifi clients. Doesn't impact me as I have a SonicWall appliance. However, I'm certain some would find this a useful feature.
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Overall 8

The range is good for what I need

Robert, Amazon
4 December 2014
  • Summary: I think this works ok. I've been using it now for about 6 months. It replaced an older Cisco 1131AG access point that I was using in my home. The range is good for what I need, but not great. I have not had any problems with it. Everything that can be wired in my home is wired, so this is only used for wireless-only devices and 1 Roku3 that I have not had a chance to wire in. I knocked off one star for two reasons.
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